What women really think about men on motorbikes

The motorbike can be a little bit like marmite for us; some women like it, some women hate it. It screams painfully cliché in some instances and painfully cool in others, but how do you know which category you fall in to? Perhaps the most important thing that you need to remember, gentlemen, is that it’s crystal clear to an outsider whether or not you’re an experienced biker or you’re just experimenting, and it’s more a case of all the gear but no idea. Subtly is also incredibly important because there’s nothing worse than a show off on a motorbike, trust us. Girls are going to find you attractive if riding a motorbike is one of the last things they find out about you, rather than one of the first.

While I’m speaking for women as a whole, it’s true that there may be certain girls out there who really love the fact that you’ve got a motorbike and all the leather in the world. But speaking in general terms, most of us don’t actually care that much; we’d rather find out when you come to pick us up on your Harley than hear all about it over dinner. Also, gents, none of you look like Beckham on the back of a bike; harsh, but it had to be said. To get to the bottom of the question at hand, we thought it would be a good idea to go through a couple of the more general types of bike and let you know exactly what women think they see you on the back of one.


Jude Law in Alfie is the very definition of a hot man on a Vespa. A Vespa, to us, screams that you’re a city slicker, that you probably don’t spend your weekends in the garage testing out new parts and that you don’t take it all too seriously. Owning a Vespa, to us, shows that you’re into your style, that you’re practical and that you’re trending on the right side of obsessed.

The Scooterist 3


Owning a Triumph shows that you’re definitely into bikes and that you likely look quite good on the back of one. Yes, you’re probably the type to spend all of your cash on your bike and all of your time fixing it up, but you can definitely get away with it. Remember gents, the older and more customised your bike, the better.



Owning a sports bike like this definitely shows us that you take yourself and your bike pretty seriously, that you probably don’t talk about much else and that, yes, your motorbike is your life. While we respect that everyone has their hobbies, we don’t really want to hear about it all day everyday and since we’re warning you about it, hone it in, gents.


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