The Most Luxurious Car Interiors

Cars fascinate people for a number of different reasons. Speed, power, cornering ability, looks; all of these factors contribute to why people want to sign on the dotted line. Luxury and comfort often play an important part too and a while many marques claim to offer this, there are a select few that excel in this area, giving users unparalleled quality. The following are five such examples, offering some of the most luxurious car interiors on the market.

rolls royce - TGJ.01
Rolls Royce represents the pinnacle of luxury, creating vehicles that exude timeless elegance and effortless panache. The Phantom’s interior is pleasingly old-fashioned and they use many of the same techniques that they’ve honed over the last century.

bentley - TGJ.02
The new incarnation of Bentley’s Flying Spur boasts an interior to die for. Each piece of leather has been individually sewn together and every layer of veneer wood has been polished by hand, attesting to Bentley’s legendary attention to detail.

maserati - TGJ.03
Esteemed sports car maker Maserati knows their way around a cabin. Those seats look good enough to sleep on with their chesterfield style studs, and the wooden accented wheel and dashboard pay homage to the motorcars of yesteryear.

pagani - TGJ.04
Although it is a lap-time shattering supercar, the Huayra’s interior is every bit as luxurious as the rest. The dial surrounds are crafted from single pieces of aluminium and leather and carbon fibre adorn pretty much everything that isn’t high grade metal.

spyker - TGJ.05
Creating some of the most exciting cabins around, Spyker hold nothing back when it comes to creating their interiors, which are arguably more impressive than the cars themselves. Inspired by the fighter jets of the past, the C8 Aileron features a swirled-aluminium dash, a panoramic sunroof and leather-wrapped everything.

By Charlie Thomas Twitter charlieacthomas 

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