We love: The Chapar

As we covered in our review, The Chapar are redefining the way we shopIf you’re not familiar with how The Chapar works, it’s really rather simple. After an easy online registration process, you will then receive a call from one of the team’s experienced stylists who’ll quiz you on your personal tastes. Between 3-5 days later you’ll receive your very own trunk, for which you can select the clothes you want and return the ones you don’t. It’s 21st century shopping at its best.

Their service is the first of its kind, and since its inception a number of imitators have tried to replicate the recipe. The Chapar are still on top though, and this is in part due to their exceptional service as well as the top-notch brands they have on board. Here are three of our favourite brands that The Chapar stocks.



chapar - TGJ.04

Sunspel are one of the finest British clothing brands around and their classic garments can – and should – form the basis of your wardrobe. The Chapar stock a wide range of their products, from the ‘Riviera’ polo to their iconic white t-shirt.



chapar - TGJ.03

Hackett are renowned for their fine tailoring, so those whose style falls at the smarter end of the spectrum can expect to be doused with the British brand’s exceptional garments.



chapar - TGJ.02

When it comes to knitwear, John Smedley are masters. Refined and classic, they represent the best in quality and timelessness – perfect for the modern gentleman.

The great thing about The Chapar is that it allows your personal style to develop naturally. Once assigned a personal stylist, they’ll come to know your preferences better than yourself, suggesting clothes that you may have not thought you would even like. The ease with which you receive clothes is the main draw though, especially if time is not on your side and you find shopping a particularly difficult pursuit. For more information, and to order your own trunk, visit The Chapar’s website by clicking here.

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