Gentlemen, this is how you dress like the most stylish man alive

The words ‘style icon’ are thrown around a little too often. Social media and blogging mean that every relatively well-dressed gentleman can gain a hoard of fans, as well as style icon status, at the click of a button (literally). For me, a male style icon means a couple of things: said gentleman is completely and utterly respected for his style by both the public and fashion industry insiders alike; he very much has his own sense of self and style; and he dresses in a way that surpasses the millions of other men in the city he resides in.

Johannes Huebl, for me, is this guy. He’s the very definition of a modern-day style icon; a gentleman who ticks all of the right boxes. Huebl oozes confidence in the same way that you know McQueen or Dean would have done; with the perfect balance of self-assurance without being arrogant. Classic and timeless are the words we would use to define his style: he is refined to a tee and you can be sure that he is not a gentleman who forgets to iron his shirt. Here’s how you can dress like one of the most stylish gentlemen on the planet.

Business: the suit

Huebl is the king of suits (checked suits, to be more precise) – you won’t spot a baggy or cheap suit on this guy, that’s for sure. It’s essential to make sure that you’re getting your suits tailored and fitted so that they don’t look out of proportion or like they were made for someone else. This is Huebl’s style secret and should very quickly become yours, too. If you have to wear a suit everyday for work, it’s worth investing in a decent one that will last you a long time.


Casual: timeless classics

Even if he’s heading out for a casual walk around the block, you’ll never catch Huebl in a pair of dirty tracksuits or ripped jeans. Yes, it’s easy to chuck on whatever’s on your floor and call it a day, but you have to admit that there’s no better feeling than knowing that you’re walking down the street looking amazing in a killer outfit – is there? Channel your inner Huebl and invest your money in timeless classics that you’re going to wear again and again and that will work for every occasion.


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Accessory: the shoe

The world is filled with a plethora of items and accessories that market themselves as being exactly what you need to live a more stylish and fashionable life. It’s difficult, then, to sift through and separate the wheat from the chaff. Huebl however, gets it right every time; whether he’s wearing a minimal trainer, a loafer or a natty brogue.


India Gladstone

India Gladstone

India is the Online Editor of Gentleman's Journal

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