Jack Daniels & Beef at Gaucho

Gentlemen around the world regularly celebrate the joy that is whiskey. Whatever your particular tipple of choice – Single Malt, Japanese, American etc etc, whiskey is a truly loved spirit. And another thing that gentlemen particularly like – beef. Nothing s better than tucking into a juicy steak, devouring every mouthful in a masculine fuelled rage of testosterone… Ok, ok, calm down. So it’s clear that little compares to whiskey and steak – and the fellows at Gaucho Piccadilly agree too.

As part of the 7 days of American Whiskey, where world-class experts and brand ambassadors will be giving whiskey tasting and masterclasses from a range of American Whiskey’s, including Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniels have partnered with Gaucho to explore the beauty of whiskey and beef. 

Jack Daniels and Beef The Gentleman's Journal

Ranging from Jack Daniel’s whiskey and beef masterclasses, to exclusive tastings of new whiskies and an indulgent three course dining experience, this 7 day celebration of American whiskey will run from the 2nd to the 8th November 2015.

 As the beauty of the charcoal that mellows Jack Daniel’s whiskey is recycled back into grills and barbecues when finished, what could possibly be better than chargrilled beef and a dram of Jack? Paying homage to a heritage that a young Mr Jack embraced from the very beginning – he sold meat and whiskey from a wagon to fund the purchase of his very first distillery nearly 150 years ago – you must make time to attend this rare and special event.

Jack Daniels and Beef Masterclass, £30 pp. For more information see here.

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