The hottest up-and-coming areas in London

As London’s property bubble goes from crazy to downright mind-boggling – you need to know about London’s lesser known areas that haven’t reached astronomic prices. Here are the hottest up-and-coming areas in London.



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Once upon a time Streatham was the jewel of south London, based around a long high street with fine shops, cinemas and ballrooms lining the two mile Streatham High Road. In the 1950’s the street was the busiest shopping street in south London, though since then it has fallen on rough times and Streatham High Road was voted as London’s worst road in 2002. The area is now enjoying a resurgence and has largely gone unnoticed during the property boom, meaning that reasonable, decent property is plentiful.



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Wandsworth, like Streatham doesn’t have a tube station and therefore is considered to be a bit of a backwater in London terms. Ironically Wandsworth is one of the best located residential areas in London, squeezed between south, west and central. Despite its fairly central location, it’s surprisingly leafy – with tree-lined residential streets, parks and a common. It’s certainly not cheap to live here – but it less dear than many other places.



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Stoke Newington has the understated atmosphere of north London, but also enjoys the vibrancy and trendiness of east London. Situated within the London borough of Hackney, Stoke Newington has a rich culture and a fascinating history. The area has a long association with left wing politics and bohemian ideals and, even though it is undergoing gentrification, it still retains a very independent feel. Property prices are rising but you can still find excellent bargains there.



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Since the hysteria of the 2012 Olympic games, Stratford has been lying dormant – waiting for the boom that hasn’t yet come. There are signs however that the district is about to bloom and young professionals are being encouraged to buy there. West Ham United are due to move to the Olympic Stadium in 2016 and flats in the village are very popular. Buying in Stratford is definitely the best option for those playing the long game.



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The Peckham of 2014 is very far removed from Derrick ‘Del Boy’ Trotter’s Peckham and is now a highly fashionable place to buy. Obvious comparisons can been made with Brixton – but Peckham’s scene is rather more understated – it’s less about big parties and more about ridiculously chic cafes, bars and restaurants. Now that it is served by the London Overground at Peckham Rye, it has become significantly more accessible too.

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