What you should wear to a summer wedding

Knowing what to wear to a wedding at the best of times can be tricky, but nailing it in the summer months becomes even more of a mission for gentlemen all over the world. There’s certain type of pressure that comes with being invited to a wedding that’s not always easy to solve. There are different types of venue, different types of service, different types of brides and grooms and, with all this in mind, different types of dress codes. There are also a few months in the year where everyone and their mother decides to get married, so it has the potential to turn into a disasterously expensive season. Fear not, gentlemen, because we are here to solve all of your wedding outfit conundrums – no matter what type of wedding you’re attending – along with Henry Hales, founder of Sir Plus.

“For hot weddings, linen is a nice fabric. It does crease easily though, which is worth considering if you’re travelling far or abroad”

“For formal weddings, Houndstooth trousers and a double breasted waistcoat create the perfect Gentleman’s attire. Double breasted waistcoats over single seem to be in favour at the moment.”



“Play around with the tie and the waistcoat, and make it bold.  Without one – especially for a wedding, a suit doesn’t look complete.”

“Added extras for your outfit are a great idea, pocket squares in particular also make for a dapper accessory.”


Main and featured image: Village Roadshow Pictures 

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