Floris: The Best Grooming in London

Founded by Juan Famenias Floris and his wife in 1730, this established retailer of toiletries and grooming accessories started off life in the quarter of St James’s London before moving shortly after to 89 Jermyn Street where it still exists today. Steeped in history, Floris received its first Royal Warrant in 1820 as Smooth Pointed Comb Maker to HM The King George IV and customers that have included Florence Nightingale, Mary Shelley, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Another milestone came in 2010 when Floris celebrated their 280th Anniversary with the limited edition fragrance ‘280’.

To see how this family business has kept their integrity, traditions and values while still managing to increase their name across the world is truly incredible. Today, their products, which include some that have been selling for over two decades, are finely tuned, of the highest quality and are renowned on the international market. You know that if you are buying from Floris, this won’t be your only purchase as the caliber of their products is guaranteed to keep you coming back time and time again. Once you are a Floris customer once, you are a Floris lover for life.

Alongside, shaving soaps, accessories, fragrances and bath and body, Floris also have a home section scented candles and a bespoke perfumery created for esteemed clientele and the most dapper of London gentlemen.

Here are our three favourite Floris products for Men:


No 89 Eau de Toilette, £75 from Floris

shave - TGJ.01
Briarwood and Gold Plate 3 Piece Shaving Set, £492 from Floris
shower - TGJ.01
No 89 Moisturising Bath and Shower Gel, £26 from Floris

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