Fine whisky and classic cars

In 1887, William Grant fulfilled his lifelong dream of creating his own distillery, thus launching the world-renowned Glenfiddich we know and love today. Some 128 years later, Glenfiddich is still family run, and has become the most awarded whisky brand in the world. Wouldn’t William be proud?

Goodwood Revival, an ode to times past, is a 3-day event celebrating Goodwood’s original racing circuit, from 1948 to 1966. As such, the wide array of vintage cars and motorcycles not only inspires the petrol head in us all, it also offers attendees the opportunity to hark back to a simpler time and don traditional attire, attire which is synonymous with the gentlemanly era we all crave.


So how do the two intertwine?

Well, whisky has long been associated with gentlemanly etiquette, from evening soirees to lone nightcaps; it holds a special place in the heart of all. So it’s little wonder Glenfiddich brought its experience to Goodwood Revival to launch ‘Glenfiddich The Original’ at The Original Club, a bar modelled on the private members’ clubs of old. ‘Glenfiddich The Original’ is an honour to Sandy Grant Gordon, William’s great-grandson, and his 1963 expedition to America to propagate the superiority of straight malts overseas, thus sparking the straight malt revolution in the USA. Current Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, has expertly reproduced the 1963 whisky through sampling an existing 1963 bottle and following the original makers recipes, as I discovered at a whisky tasting with UK Brand Ambassador, Mark Thomson, at The Original Club.

Gently nosing and tasting various drams, from Glenfiddich’s 15-year-old to its 26-year-old, I went through a range of exquisite tastes. From subtle citrus to light peat, each whisky offers its own unique journey. Finally tasting ‘Glenfiddich The Original’, the vanilla, spice and oak-aged notes come through in abundance, and with a dry finish, it is the perfect whisky to while the nights away.

Capturing the very essence of 1963, Goodwood Revival was the perfect platform to launch the new whisky. Surrounded by the battling noise of racing car engines, the rich aroma of burning oil and petrol, and the sea of people in vintage clothing, I was transported back in time to experience not only fine whisky, but an inspiring event too.

Glenfiddich The Original will be available from October for £85.

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