How to dress like a Royal, for the occasions that matter

Living life as a member of the Royal family undoubtedly has its ups and downs, but it seems no matter where they are, what they’re doing and what private matter they’re going through, they are always dressed impeccably. Personal opinions on the world’s most famous family aside, these guys have access to some of the best designers and tailors in the world, so how can you dress to their standards? Here’s how…

Casual: Prince Harry


Prince Harry may have always had a bit of a rebellious streak, but that doesn’t stop him being well dressed most of the time. He nails casual cool in the most simple and easy-to-replicate style – just chuck on a shirt, the right pair of chinos and a great jumper and you’re good to go.


Suit: Prince William


Prince William nails the tailored suit, every time. There’s nothing oversized, out of place, or awkward about Prince William in a suit. Having a perfectly tailored suit, made to fit you, has a plethora of benefits, including looking immaculate all of the time.

Morning Suit: Prince Charles


Nothing beats an incredible Ascot outfit, and the Royal family definitely know how to rock the tails. Prince Charles is always well turned out at the races, with an incredible top hat and the perfect balance when it comes to accessories.


Playing Polo: Prince Harry


While there is very definitely a uniform that every polo player needs to wear, there are ways to ensure that you’re staying stylish while you play. Price Harry is the perfect example of a gentleman who knows how to get the balance right and is never caught off guard on the field.

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