Customise your leather goods with Oliver Sweeney’s tattooing service

Oliver Sweeney is a brand that has garnered a fascinating following over the past few years. Founded back in 1989 crafting award-winning footwear, Sweeney has blossomed into a renowned British brand that produce everything from hip-flasks and socks to jumpers and fragrances. And it doesn’t stop there. In an industry-pioneering move, Oliver Sweeney is now offering a tattooing service, Sweeney Tattoo, where your leather goods can be hand-tattooed to any specification you desire.

Tattooing leather goods? Surely not? Well yes, it’s true – leather is just skin after all, so why not buy a beautiful pair of Sweeney shoes, a wallet, a hip-flask or laptop case and have them customised with your own, ever-lasting tattoo design. Sweeney’s in-house tattoo artist will take your wildest imaginings and turn them into tattoo reality. And the process couldn’t be simpler either.

Sweeney Tattoo The Gentleman's Journal

After choosing your Sweeney product – anything from the ‘Tattoo Products’ (tan colours give the best results) – you decide on your design and fill out the tattoo form. Once this has been done, and the artist has had a chance to look over your proposal, your order will be placed and you’ll be guaranteed to receive it within two weeks. Alternatively, you can head to their Henrietta Street Club where Sweeney’s Tattooist-in-Chief will be doing demonstrations and one to one consultations too.

So, if you’re looking for something a little more exciting this Christmas, or simply fancy a bespoke leather item, head to where you’ll find everything your heart could desire, and a huge 20% sale running until Monday.

Take a look at the mesmerising process:

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