Money matters – the best wallets for under £100

Money – as we all know – certainly does matter. Whether you’re the kind of gentleman who carries hundreds of pounds in your pocket, or just a few pennies, we all need to have a beautiful wallet to call our own. Wallets are, if you will, an extension of ourselves – they travel everywhere with us, keep safe some of our most prized possessions and, above all else, allow us to buy everything we could possibly need. So using the old fabric one you got on your 15th birthday is entirely unacceptable and you should, as a matter of principle, invest in a quality, subtly coloured leather wallet that will last you a lifetime. For all you gentlemen in the market for a new wallet, here are a few of the best for under £100.


Aspinal have quickly risen through the ranks as one of London’s premier leather-goods producers. With a range of wallets that could suit literally all preference types, you’re certain to find the perfect item for you – time and time again. Try this leather Billfold wallet: it’s classically styled, versatile and has a colouring that will only grow better with time.

Aspinal Wallet The Gentleman's Journal

Smooth Cognac & Espresso Wallet, £95


Writing about Mulberry’s market leading dominance in the luxury leather goods department is somewhat redundant; we all know the exclusivity that surrounds this brand – purely because it is one of the best. For those who don’t carry cash and want something small, easy and usable (great for an Oyster Card) a card holder will suffice, and this one is beautiful.

Mulberry Wallet The Gentleman's Journal

Full-grain Leather Cardholder, £90

Vivienne Westwood

As a true British fashion institution, Vivienne Westwood has carved a phenomenal career in the industry. More commonly recognised for radical, eccentric garments, Westwood also produces leather goods of gentlemanly quality. This coin and card wallet is the dream item for everyday use, and one that will last you many years to come.

Vivienne Westmood Wallet The Gentleman's Journal

Pebble Leather Billfold Coin Wallet, £85 

Ralph Lauren

Slightly more flamboyant, this blue wallet from Polo Ralph Lauren is certainly suited to the more outgoing, sporty modern gentleman. Supple, versatile and made with the finest leather; this is certainly a wallet to consider buying.

Ralph Lauren Wallet The Gentleman's Journal

Plain Coin Pocket Wallet, £69


Another cardholder, and one that is sure to stand the test of time, this piece from Boss is a truly great purchase. Offered in an unobtrusive black leather, and entirely classical, this is a cardholder for those looking solely for longevity and reliability. We love it, and you should too.

Boss Wallet The Gentleman's Journal

Boss Glaudo Cardholder, £75

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Hugh Francis Anderson

Hugh Francis Anderson

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