What workout gear can you use in the office?

Want to work out while you're working?

For those of us who can’t get enough of the gym, office life feels like torture. Sitting behind a desk, a 9 to 5 can feel restricting and often leaves you itching to get to the gym at the end of the day. But what if there was a way to incorporate that work out you so crave into your office life?

Gentleman’s Journal have amassed some of the best gadgets and gizmos to help you bring the gym to your desk. So, if life at the keyboard is getting your down, why not invest to get the blood pumping and work out whilst you work?

What workout gear can you use in the office?

Replace your chair with a gym ball

One of the most popular – and best – ways to work out whilst working is to replace your office chair with a stability ball. In many different sizes, ensure you find one that best mimics the level of your existing chair, and you will feel the benefits almost immediately.

Sitting on a stability ball in the office can improve stability and balance, and acts as a constant workout for your abdominal muscles and core. Stronger ab muscles mean your lower back is better supported, and swapping a chair – as ergonomic as it may profess to be – for a ball will promote better posture as well.

What workout gear can you use in the office?

Get a grip

Your fingers may get a a workout in the office – especially as deadlines draw near – by bashing out on a keyboard, or frantically clicking your mouse, but a sure fire way to strengthen your hands and grip is to use a pair – or even singular – hand grip.

Usually made from moulded plastic, and with many boasting adjustable levels of resistance, these relatively simple pieces of workout equipment can be stored in a desk drawer and taken out for a quick squeeze while an email is sending, a video is buffering or when you’re waiting for inspiration to strike.

What workout gear can you use in the office?

Pedal under your desk

It may sound like a silly idea, but a company called Cubii have developed the world’s first smart under-desk elliptical. And, despite looking cooler than your average foot rest, the smart element of the Cubii allows you to sync up to other co-worker’s Cubii’s and actually race them throughout the day.

Fitbit compatible, and with its own mobile app, the Cubii also has a quiet, non-intrusive design, wherein it has been designed with the optimal angles that allow your legs to move smoothly and comfortably – giving you an unconscious under-the-desk workout free from bumped knees.

What workout gear can you use in the office?

Or use something a little simpler - and stretchier

The Cubii is a good piece of kit, but at $350 many may not think it worth it – especially when you could simply cycle to and from work. Instead, why not invest in the most basic of exercise equipment – the resistance band?

Flexible in both design and application, the resistance band can equally exercise your legs. Simply pull the band around your legs and push them apart, either backwards or forwards. This will work out both your calves and thighs, and improve circulation and joint mobility at a time when you’d be otherwise stationary from the waist down.

What workout gear can you use in the office?

Embrace technology

Of course, there is a limit to how much you can exercise whilst sitting behind a desk  – and that’s where the wonders of 21st Century technology come in. From UK start-up SixPad, the Abs Fit is a futuristic looking device that adheres to your abdominals and purports to define and enhance your core abdominal muscles. That’s right, it give you a six pack, whilst you sit down.

Not, we realise that this isn’t technically a piece of work out equipment as much as a way to cheat, but we’re also fascinated by the device. Using short bursts of electricity to stimulate and work out your muscles, the SixPad Abs Fit promises to define your midriff with just one 23-minute program every day. Don’t believe us? Try it out.

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