The women who made Christmas sexy

These are the women that make the festive season seriously attractive

A sexy Mrs Claus at Christmas might be as cliché as a Playboy bunny at Halloween, but there are a handful of women out there who undoubtedly pull off the look in full force and make Christmas as sexy as possible. And here they are:

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey: the woman who made Christmas for gentlemen all over the world the she released All I want for Christmas is You in 1994. Since then, she’s become synonymous with any hint of sex appeal that surrounds the festive season, and for good reason.

Kylie Minogue

Find any kind of sexy list and it’s always pretty certain that Kylie will have made her way to the top ranks, but when it comes to Christmas charm, she well and truly knows how to turn that charm on full throttle.

Marilyn Monroe

No list such as this would be complete without Marilyn Monroe and after her rendition of Santa Baby she seriously raised the bar. Ever since, she’s become a true icon of festive style and sexiness – and for good reason.

Brigitte Bardot

If there had to be one woman to define sexy, it’s undoubtedly Brigitte Bardot. This is a woman who had men captivated for decades and long after her career was over – and one who pumped up the sex appeal in favour of the festive season.

Michelle Monaghan

Need we say more?

Elizabeth Banks

There’s only so sexy Mrs Claus can be, but Elizabeth Banks nails it and oozes serious sex appeal.

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