Saturday, 19 August 2017

Woman of the week: Elisa Lasowski

Our exclusive interview with the stunning Elisa Lasowski

Woman of the week: Elisa Lasowski
Hannah Hillier
The Gentleman

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After a small role in Game of Thrones, Elisa Lasowski went mainstream playing Queen Marie-Thérèse in Europe’s big-budget rival Versailles – but that’s just one of her many talents.

It becomes quickly apparent that Elisa Lasowski isn’t going to boring. Within 15 minutes of sitting down, I discover she’s a polyglot competent in five languages no less; plays the piano, the guitar and took drum lessons ‘just for fun’; had parts in two of the biggest shows currently on TV (Versailles and Game of Thrones); and, despite this, still does her own paperwork. ‘Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough,’ she says. ‘I always feel I should be working more on my music and I just feel that there’s other things that I should be doing. Not just strictly acting but to contribute to the world.’

For context, in the last year she’s worked on, either filming or promoting, British arthouse film Hyena; Versailles (seasons one and two); the Bradley Cooper-fronted film Burnt; a David Bowie video; and she still dedicated her time to work on a short with students from the National Film School in Wales. No wonder that on our first meeting she’s a healthy blend of pensive and exhausted.

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