Wine of the Week: Chateau Minuty 2018

With sun-baked origins in the South of France, this Minuty is an exquisite, relaxing rosé to try this summer...

As Nat King Cole once sang, roll on those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. The sun will be out, the lockdown will be lifted and we’ll be uncorking a fantastic bottle of Minuty’s 2018 rosé. We’re sure the crooner would approve…

Because rosé is the go-to wine for warmer climes; for al fresco lunches, yachting jaunts and poolside top-ups. And this particular rosé is summer in a glass. That’s largely thanks to its origins, which can be found in the tenderly harvested vineyards of Côtes du Provence. And this this Provence-provenance is clear on the palate — as just one sublime sip will transport you to the South of France. So, ahead of those lazy, hazy, crazy days, let’s dust off our wine glasses and give it a try…

On the eyes: We feel refreshed just looking at it; and it’s not even particularly humid yet. So light it’s almost transparent, the Minuty’s clear freshness (or fresh clearness) could almost trick would-be wine enthusiasts into mistaking it for mineral water. If you’re hunting for hydration, though, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Those subtly shimmering pastel hues are the trademark of any classic rosé; and here, they hint at the delectable fruity overtones to come. 

On the nose: Pale it may be, but don’t let that deceive you for a moment. Those fruity overtones make themselves known upon even the most tentative inhale: orange peel and redcurrant packing an aromatic punch you wouldn’t expect of a wine with such a light complexion. Together with zesty citrus, these fragrances come together to propose a wine both refreshing and fortifying in equal measure. 

On the palate: ‘Smooth’ is the word du jour where this particular wine is concerned (that and ‘fruity’). Have you ever tried candied peach? Take one sip of Minuty, and you needn’t bother: you’ll experience the uniquely sweet flavour in all its sugary wonder. Don’t worry, though: there’s nothing saccharine about this wine. The peach is joined by pink grapefruit, which helps to combat any overt sweetness and lends an acidulous smoothness to the overall taste. 

On the finish:  Such is the crisp dryness of the finish, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d just swilled and swallowed a generous gulp of Muscadet. But this is where the Minuty’s sun-baked origins really come into play. It’s not often that a wine can quench a heat-induced thirst whilst simultaneously leaving the mouth feeling refreshingly crisp and satisfyingly dry, but this rosé has achieved the almost-impossible. And the best news? If you’re still in need of refreshment, you can always just take another sip…

Wine of the Week: Chateau Minuty 2018

Chateau Minuty 2018

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