Win a Gozney Pizza Oven worth £1,499

We’ve teamed up with Gozney to give away one of their latest pizza ovens, the Dome. With unrivalled performance and an inspired design, the Dome has propelled outdoor cooking to new heights…

With summer arriving early this year, you’ll wanna pizza this. Gentleman’s Journal has teamed up with Gozney to give away one of the blazing brand’s latest premium pizza ovens; the Gozney Dome. It’s a searingly cool bit of kitchen kit that has already captured the hearts (and stomachs) of home cooks, chefs and design enthusiasts alike and secured a number of coveted design awards.

Luckily, we’ve managed to get our hands on one — and want to make one lucky UK-based reader’s most crispy-crusted, mozzarella-dotted dreams come true.

Because the Dome is a serious al fresco achievement. The next-generation pizza oven was inspired by Gozney’s commercial origins, and has been built to the exact ratios of a traditional Neapolitan oven to ensure pro-grade performance. Professionally engineered and expertly designed, it promises to make live-fire cooking effortless for everyone — from would-be foodies to professional chefs.

With ease of use, performance and innovative at its core, the Dome fuses modern engineering with the timeless aesthetic of a traditional pizza oven. You won’t find any strip burners or blue flames here. Instead, a Gozney burner (either gas or wood) produces an intense, golden flame that flickers across the domed ceiling of the oven and cooks your pizza to perfection.

With temperatures reaching 500°C, a thick stone floor and an extra-wide mouth you can easily slide in one 16” or two 12” pizzas and bake them in just 60 seconds. Perfect for even the most oversubscribed summer parties, the unbeatable heat retention will ensure you can cook pizza after pizza without a drop in temperature.

And, when you do have your whole garden crammed with friends and families this summer, the Dome’s built-in digital thermometer and its two temperature probes will ensure you never undercook or burn a single slice of your doughy creations. Even if the wood runs out, the oven’s ‘stone puck’ system allows you to effortlessly fire up the gas burner to finish off those final few pizzas.

Tom Gozney, the founder of the eponymous pizza brand, hopes to revolutionise the way we cook this summer — and use the ‘Dome’ to offer a more mediterranean alternative to barbecuing this summer. “The Dome pushes the boundaries of design and engineering,” Gozney tells us, “replicating a restaurant grade pizza oven from the comfort of your garden and without the extensive build of a commercial oven. We can’t wait for our customers to fully experience the oven’s potential”.

But that’s not all. Later this year, Gozney is also launching a range of pioneering accessories for the oven, giving you the opportunity to roast, smoke, steam and bake with your Dome at home — unlocking limitless possibilities. So why not enter below for the chance to bring the heat to your summer parties, punch up your pizza game and set the stage for years of gastro-possibilities to come?

This competition is now closed.

Want to learn more about the Gozney ‘Dome’? Take a look a the specs and stats here…

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