Win a new wardrobe from eco-friendly fashion brand Asphalte

Looking to update your wardrobe with sustainable style? Gentleman’s Journal are offering a £750 voucher to spend at Asphalte

Asphalte is the future of fashion. It’s a bold claim, we know — yet it happens to be true. But why? What could the Bordeaux-based brand possibly be making to illicit such a claim? Haute-couture loungewear? Alternative work-from-home wardrobes? Wild, wayward, never-before-seen styles?

In fact, it’s none of the above. Because Asphalte isn’t innovating what it’s making, but rather how it’s making it. The menswear mavericks’ clothing itself is classic; familiar designs ranging from simple sweatshirts to solid sneakers. It’s the eco-friendly, customer-facing way in which Asphalte creates these products that feels completely new.

Here’s how it works. Before the first stitch is sewn, Asphalte spends precious time asking new and existing customers a series of style questions. What do you want? Why do you want it? When will you wear this? The answers, honest and practical, come flooding back — and give the brand a better sense of its loyal customer base. They also offer invaluable ideas about what clothes the brand should be making next.

Weeks, months — or even years — are then spent on creating an initial prototype. Whether it be a pair of cargo trousers or a poplin shirt, the brand’s designers will pore over paper and sketch out every stitch before sending these prototype plans to the very best manufacturers in Europe. With such exclusive, limited runs on its products, Asphalte can call upon the very best artisans to create its clothing — and it shows.

Because we haven’t even got to the most pioneering part. Asking your customers what they want is a smart way to do business, but Asphalte truly puts its customers in control by only releasing clothes through preordering campaigns. The team shoots the prototypes, reveals them to the world and then makes them available to order for only a limited period of time. And, as most pre-order windows are very short, you can sign up to receive notifications — to ensure you snap up the pieces you want as soon as they become available.

Once these windows close, so too will your chance of scooping up a made-to-order style statement. The pre-orders are then tabulated — with sizes, colours and customisations taken into account — and Asphalte get cracking. Thanks to the pre-order system, the brand can buy the fabrics and materials it knows it’ll need several weeks in advance. That way, when Asphalte begins crafting jackets or tailoring T-shirts, it knows that every single garment already has a home. And that means no errors, no worries, and no waste.

So that’s why Asphalte is the future of fashion. Because the world has had enough of high street giants buying big and selling low. We’ve evolved from wanting cheap, wear-once, fast fashion — and instead want to invest in well-made, longer-lasting, eco-friendly clothing. And, when that Asphalte garment drops on your doorstep — made-for-you and made-to-last — you know you can wear it with pride.

Of course, the environmental benefits aren’t the only draw. The sustainability comes hand-in-hand with style; iconic cuts and timelessly tailored looks delivered at fair, affordable prices.

The pieces currently available for pre-ordering include ‘The Perfect Jumper’, ‘The Solid Sneakers’ and ‘The Cargo Pants’ — as well as ‘The Sweatshirt’, a perennial customer favourite that keeps returning due to overwhelming popularity. And there are plenty more designs on the horizon. Coming soon are Derby shoes, a tweed jacket, a parka, chukka boots, a hoodie, a work jacket and several different designs of shirt.

It’s an enviable wardrobe, and contains every essential the modern man needs. That’s why Gentleman’s Journal has partnered with Asphalte to offer a £750 voucher to a lucky competition winner. And such a budget will go a long way. You could buy a couple of T-shirts, a new pair of shoes, some jeans, a jacket, a hoodie and even a suit. We’re even offering a second-place prize, a £250 voucher, to a runner-up.

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