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Win a Brompton bike and matching blazer with Oliver Spencer

The British brands have teamed up on an exciting new collaboration - and we’re giving you the chance to win it

You might have noticed that cycling has become bit of A Thing recently. While most of us have always shared some aversion to public transport, the pandemic has finally been the push urban dwellers needed to ditch our Oyster cards, strap on a helmet, dig out the Lycra and take to the cycle lanes.

But therein lies the inherent problem with the bike as a method of transport. Between the skintight shorts, bulbous helmets and clip-on shoes, it’s not exactly, well, chic. Which is where Oliver Spencer steps in.

The London-based menswear brand has teamed up with coveted folding bike maker Brompton Bicycle to create the ‘Brompton Blazer’ – a tailored jacket designed specifically for riding. “I wanted to create something that became an automatic choice for a cyclist in the morning when they were leaving the house,” explains co-founder Oliver Spencer of the design. “It’s versatile because of the fabric, you can screw it up and throw it in your bag but know that when you pull it out later in the day it’s crease free and good to go. Being seen on the roads is important but there are also a lot of people out there who want to still look good whilst doing that, and I believe this jacket helps to solve that wardrobe issue for the everyday cyclist.”

So what makes the Brompton Blazer special? First up, it’s inspired by the three-way folding design of Brompton bikes and is made from a textured, water-resistant Italian fabric that retains its shape and won’t crease – even when folded and stored in a bag all day. There’s also a host of clever design features, such as a reflective button loop on the lapel, easy-access concealed seam side pockets, a zip-up breast pocket and reflective strips on the underside of the collar and cuffs, all resulting in enhanced safety, practicality and comfort while cycling.

“When you think of menswear in London, you think of Oliver Spencer, so when the opportunity came to work with him, we jumped at the chance,” adds Kenny Kelly, Product Development Manager at Brompton. “When you have a Brompton, it goes everywhere with you, from home, to work, to the pub and this blazer has the same ethos – you can ride anywhere in the city, and still look great wherever you are.”

As well as the blazer, Oliver Spencer and Brompton have also collaborated on a limited edition bike. Designed with a unique colour scheme, only five will ever be created – and we’ve got one to give away. Fancy winning yourself the ultimate al fresco commuting package worth over £1,600? Simply fill out the form below by 19 November 2020 and this very special Brompton bike and matching blazer could be yours.

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