What to watch on Netflix in September

From an ultra-violent thriller starring Kevin Bacon to Ana de Armas’ take on Marilyn Monroe, here’s what the streaming service has to offer this month…

There’s a lot of revenge swirling around Netflix this month. Whether it’s a vindictive indie thriller or a vengeful new series, the streaming service has gone into serious grudge-bearing mode — and we’re lapping up every last bitter bit of it.

There’s an original film drenched in rainstorms and kidnappings. There’s the return of a fan-favourite series, thirsting for revenge. There’s even a teen-targeted high school comedy actually called Do Revenge (which emphatically doesn’t make our list of streaming suggestions). Instead, from Robert Redford to Robert De Niro, our selection of relentless, resentful titles are in a cut-throat class of their own…

Cop Car, September 1st

It’s a strong start in the vengeance stakes — with a maliciously moustachioed Kevin Bacon bringing his sinister acting A game to Cop Car. Co-written and directed by Jon Watts, the 2015 indie road thriller begins with two young delinquents stealing the car of Bacon’s endlessly corrupt sheriff. Shootouts, cocaine and cow crashes ensue.

The Sting, September 1st

There’s more double-crossing and back-stabbing in the first few minutes of The Sting than most films reel through in their entire runtimes. And this classic Oscar-winning caper (it scooped up seven gongs, including Best Picture) sees the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid dream duo of Robert Redford and Paul Newman reunite in their efforts to con a mob boss. If you’ve never seen it, fix that.

Lawrence of Arabia, September 1st

Even if you haven’t seen The Sting, there’s little chance you’ve managed to avoid Lawrence of Arabia — but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a rewatch. Considered one of the most influential epics of all time, Peter O’Toole stars as the titular archaeologist and army officer, and the film follows his Ottoman Empire-based exploits from the First World War to his death in a Dorset motorcycle accident.

Chef’s Table: Pizza, September 7th

The first Netflix original worth dining out on this month, Chef’s Table: Pizza is the franchise’s fourth spin-off (following France, Pastry and BBQ). With six episodes dropping, expect half a dozen crispy-crusted, mozzarella-topped slices of this staple — with episodes filmed everywhere from Tokyo to Phoenix; and an appearance from Italy’s preeminent pizzaioli, Franco Pepe.

Cobra Kai: Season 5, September 9th

For our next suggested Netflix original, it’s a return to revenge. Since launching on now-defunct streaming service YouTube Red in 2018, The Karate Kid sequel series has gone from strength to board-breaking strength. Now a Netflix production, this fifth season continues to bring back characters from the original film series. To wreak revenge on Thomas Ian Griffith’s Terry Silver and take down the Cobra Kai dojo, Yuji Okumoto’s Chozen Toguchi is back as a regular.

Killer Elite, September 10th

Last year, when Gentleman’s Journal asked Sir Ranulph Fiennes for his eight favourite books, the explorer failed to mention The Feather Men, a novel he himself wrote over three decades ago. Just over ten years ago, it was loosely adapted as Killer Elite, an action thriller starring Jason Statham and Robert De Niro. In the film, Statham’s Danny Bryce must travel to Oman to save his mentor and avenge the murder of a Sheikh’s family.

I Used To Be Famous, September 16th

Something a little more light-hearted, this new Netflix original film stars Camden native Ed Skrein (who coincidentally replaced Jason Statham in The Transporter film series) as a washed-up musician who gets a second shot at success. Himself a lifelong musician, Skrein looks to bring genuine warmth and weight to a story in which he forms a bond with a gifted young drummer.

The Courier, September 17th

An old-school spy thriller, The Courier sees Benedict Cumberbatch starring as Greville Wynne — a man with an equally eclectic name, but a considerably more hazardous job. Wynne was a real British businessman who, in the 1960s, was recruited by MI6 to become a clandestine message conduit with a Russian spy source. If you liked Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, you’ll like this. (Also, Cumberbatch’s moustache comes a close second this month to Kevin Bacon’s Cop Car effort).

Lou, September 23rd

Another twisting, storm-soaked tale of revenge and desperation, Lou looks to be one of the streaming service’s stronger original films this month. Starring Oscar-winner Allison Janney as the eponymous Lou, the film follows her reclusive tracker’s efforts to locate a kidnapped girl in the midst of a fierce rainstorm.

Blonde, September 28th

And, finally, Netflix’s big ticket item for September. Blonde has been hyped for some time, since the streaming service acquired the distribution rights in 2016. Starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, the film is a psychological drama, reframing key moments in the icon’s life.

When Adrien Brody spoke to Gentleman’s Journal about his involvement in the film (the actor appears as playwright Arthur Miller, he said: “This version of Arthur Miller isn’t necessarily Arthur Miller. He’s gone through many lenses and filters before he even gets to me and my interpretation begins. So it’s not me representing the man, it’s a rendition that I’m asked to portray. It’s very different”.

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