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What to watch on Netflix in November 2019

From the release of Scorsese’s epic The Irishman to the long-anticipated return of The Crown — here’s what you should be streaming this month…

With Halloween (and all the revisited horror movies it brings) officially out of the way for another year, it’s time to hunker down with the best that the winter season of boxset bingeing has to offer. From your favourite period dramas, to the thrillers that promise to keep you up at night — there’s no time like the present to invest your time wisely, and enjoy the best that the world’s favourite streaming service has to offer.

Netflix has once again cast its net wide to reel in some of the world’s best films, TV shows and documentaries — as well as bringing us more of its award-winning original content. Here’s what should be on your must-watch list for November 2019…

The King — 1st November

All hail Timothée Chalamet. The 23-year-old mop-haired wunderkind has taken the world of cinema by storm of late. But, whether he’s playing a heroin-addled youth or a teenager obsessed with Armie Hammer (aren’t we all?), we’ve always felt he was missing something.

Turns out that thing was a crown — as proven in the new Netflix original film The King. A mash-up of Shakespeare’s ‘Henriad’, this looks to be the most raucous regal romp on the streaming service in November — and that’s a month in which The Crown’s back.

Hache — 1st November

Telling a high-stakes true-ish story of the heroin trafficking business in 1960s Barcelona, Hache follows Spanish actress Adriana Ugarte as Helena; a sex worker who catches the eye of a narcotics dealer and manages to weasel and wheedle her way to the top of the organised crime outfit.

Eight episodes have dropped, and each will keep you more hooked than the last. Is it distasteful to call a drug drama addictive? We don’t care; it really is.

Enter The Dragon — 1st November

If you’ve seen Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, you’ll know that Quentin Tarantino has taken considerable flack for the way he portrayed Bruce Lee in the film. But, despite QT clearly thinking that the Little Phoenix (one of Lee’s many nicknames) was a pompous Hollywood action hero, the martial artist still turned out some incredibly exciting films.

This is one of them, and tells the story of a brother who must fight his way to the leader of a narcotics gang after his sister is mercilessly killed.

Earthquake Bird — 15th November

Set in 1989 Tokyo, Earthquake Bird sees Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander play Lucy Fly, a young female expat, who is suspected of murder when her friend Lily goes missing.

Sumptuous cinematography looks to abound in this project both written and directed by the excellently-named Wash Westmoreland — and the drama looks to match the stunning visuals. Get ready for a tumultuous love triangle, a handsome local photographer and lots and lots of back-stabbing.

The Crown Season 3 — 17th November

Are you ready for a whole new Royal Family? For the third series of Netflix’s darling, the streaming service has taken the controversial choice to replace the entire cast, swapping out Claire Foy for Olivia Colman and Matt Smith for Tobias Menzies.

But the replacement we’re most looking forward to? Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Anne — and all the side glances and acerbic wit that are sure to come with her casting. This series spans the years 1964-76, and deals with Charles and Camilla, and the breakdown of Princess Anne’s marriage.

The Irishman — 27th November

If you don’t know almost everything about The Irishman by now, we pity you. We’ve been on the De Niro-fuelled, Pacino-driven hype train for months — even taking our style cues from the as-yet unreleased film. Scorsese’s return to form, this generation-spanning mobster epic makes unbelievable use of pioneering de-ageing effects, and takes years off the stars — even whisking De Niro back to his twenties. It’s three hours long, but will be worth it for the technical spectacle alone.

All The Money In The World — 30th November

It may be whispering quietly into the streaming service, but All The Money In The World made a hell of a noise when it was initially released. Kevin Spacey was the original star but, after he was disgraced in the #MeToo movement, his Oscar-tipped performance was wiped and replaced with an even better turn by Christopher Plummer.

During the reshoots, Michelle Williams also made headlines when it transpired Mark Wahlberg had been paid $1.5 million for the extra work, while all she made was $1,000. Controversies aside, it’s a cracking film.

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