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What does Twitter’s rebranding mean for the future of the platform?

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has been a long, drawn out affair. He first tweeted about maybe taking over last year. He finally did last October, spending $44bn, only to attempt to back out of the purchase. A lawsuit was threatened. Eventually, Musk did takeover, only to fire a significant portion of the staff in an attempt to cut costs. Since then, he’s only attracted more controversy.

Tucker Carlson, finally deemed too offensive for Fox News (cough) was given a new home on the platform, tying in with Musk’s and the right wing’s obsession with free speech, which usually translates as the proponent’s right to say whatever they like, no matter how offensive, or the fact that they’re frequently punching down on those socially and economically less fortunate. Carlson’s appointment is also part of Twitter’s move to include more video, part of a wider attempt to make it Musk’s long-promised ‘app for everything’. The first step, rebranding it X.

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