What does personal shopping at Bicester Village have to offer?

We ask the luxury shopping destination’s Head of Personal Shopping how to get the designer look for less…

The concept of ‘personal shopping’ — like many of the more lavish, luxurious things in life — is one which evades most people. In the same way that we’ve never engaged with haute-couture or high fashion, it’s a service that’s always seemed just out of reach; like a collection of decadent designer clothes hanging from a slightly too-high rail. 

Thankfully, in one fell, fashionable swoop, Bicester Village has brought both within reach — offering discounts on countless designer labels and providing a personal shopping service that will help you throw your new threads together to create striking, stylish outfits. And it’s a complimentary service well worth checking out. 

Here at Gentleman’s Journal, we’re no strangers to the luxury Oxfordshire destination — a cobbled stretch of shopping that offers an unrivalled open air retail experience and boutiques from more than 160 luxury brands. But what added advantages can this personal shopping service offer? We asked Guga Filho, Head of Personal Shopping for Bicester Village, to find out…   

Firstly, there’s a pre-appointment consultation

The newly refurbished Personal Shopping suites can be found in The Apartment — Bicester Village’s high-shine, five-star private space where guests are invited to unwind. But, before you even step foot on the cobbles, Filho reveals, you’ll have a pre-appointment consultation with your personal shopper.

“This enables the Personal Shoppers to fully gauge a client’s brief,” says Filho. “Anything from a full wardrobe update, new workwear, clothes for special occasions or a fresh holiday wardrobe. Even gifting. It also allows for a deeper understanding of your needs and requirements — whether that be your sizes or your preferred brands. This was, it increases both the efficiency and readiness of your Personal Shopping experience”. 

Upon arrival, you’ll be paired with the perfect consultant

The Apartment is a place like no other. Your luxury home-away-from-home, there’s everything from refreshments to fine art gracing the space — and it’s where you’ll find the team of highly experienced and knowledgeable Personal Shoppers that Bicester Village has entrusted to put a new stylish spin on your wardrobe. 

“We’ll ensure that we match the client with the right consultant,” says Filho. “Whatever their brief may be. This is perhaps the most vital element of this process, and ensures the best possible outcome. And, in addition to being hosted in the luxurious Personal Shopping suites, you will also benefit from reserved parking, Hands Free Shopping and an E-VIP discount code”.

You’ll have countless brands to choose from

Along the picturesque stretch of Bicester Village, there are many brands and boutiques to be found — so it pays to have the guidance and expertise of a personal shopper who knows every inch of the village both inside and out. And, while your dedicated consultant can steer your in the right direction, you should feel free to voice any preferences when it comes to designer labels.

And there are some big names to choose from. If you’re an outdoorsman, why not flag your love for Belstaff or Barbour? The more slickly suited amongst you may prefer something from Hackett, dunhill or N.Peal. Or, if you’re looking to update your accessories, there are plenty of options your personal consultant can pick from — including David Clulow, Montblanc, Smythson and Clarks. 

When trying things on, it pays to keep an open mind

Of course, many of us may have shied away from personal shopping because it is just that; a very personal thing. There’s a certain amount trust in letting go, and allowing another person take the wheel of our wardrobes. But, as Head of Personal Shopping, Guga Filho, maintains, getting the fashionable, invaluable input of a professional is something that will never go amiss. 

“Because the key to shopping success,” says Filho, “is to approach it in a way that compliments your figure — whilst still accurately reflecting your personality and your lifestyle. Based on this, your dedicated Personal Shopper will curate an edit of options — choosing from specific brands that meet your brief. Keep an open mind, and trust the process! It’s a fun experience”.

It’s not a one-off experience; you’ll be back

Once you realise just how effective and impactful some independent advice has been on your wardrobe, you’ll likely be back for more. And, while Filho advises that every personal shopping client “makes this first experience last”, you can always book in again for another effortlessly elegant session in The Apartment.

“Personal Shopping is more than just curating stylish looks and functional wardrobes,” explains Filho. “It’s also a business of building long-lasting relationships. One of our main focuses is to facilitate shopping in a comprehensive — and, more importantly, cohesive — way. And, working closely with one Personal Shopper will see them develop a more in-depth understanding of you, the client, and your wardrobe”. 

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