We’ve been expecting you: Inside the James Bond experience 10,000ft up the Austrian Alps

Part film set, part gallery. 007 Elements is the ultimate homage to the iconic superspy

Remember that scene in Spectre, where Bond causes havoc at a mountaintop clinic, before chasing some henchmen down the slopes in a ever-diminishing plane? Of course you do. And it would appear that the sequence also stuck in the minds of the 007 production staff, as the Bond brand have just opened a ‘cinematic experience’ on the very same Austrian mountain.

007 Elements, as the gallery/exhibit/museum/film set is to be known, opened recently in Solden, Austria. Inside the cement and glass structure, built into the mountainside, the experience is split into various sections and rooms — with each dedicated to a different element of a Bond film.

From the entrance hall — a long, concrete space evoking the famous gun barrel sequence, through a Bond villains lair, to Q Branch, the spaces are distinct and stylish, but threaded together by their harsh minimalism. The entire place is kept at 1°C too, so take a coat.

Behind-the-scenes information, videos and props from the films are scattered throughout, including one of the planes used in the Spectre chase scene. A Parker pen from Goldeneye makes an appearance, as do the skis used by Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me, and a grappling pistol from Goldfinger.

But the most impressive thing about the 1,300 square metre installation is its location. With two cable cars necessary to reach the elevation, the views are incredible, the air thin and the temperature cold. It’s just one of the far-flung locations that makes Bond such an enduring franchise, and the perfect place to celebrate the superspy.

We’ve been expecting you: Inside the James Bond experience 10,000ft up the Austrian Alps

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