Welcome to MA house, a carefully crafted masterpiece

When it comes to uber-cool and intelligent home building, trust the experts

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In a quiet oasis some 60km outside the delightful chaos of Mexico City, you will find MA House. Built between two mountains, Architect super-couple Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales have designed an outstanding home and a tribute to their profession. Responsible for the creation of swish residences in locations ranging from Mexico City to Barcelona, their practice, Cadaver & Sola-Morales, bases itself upon the premise of “creating intelligent designs”, and this, their latest construction, can certainly be called intelligent.

Gentlemans Journal, Bespoke, Design, Architecture

Since the millennium, South-American architecture and design has been having a moment, and with the likes of the MA House being built, this ‘moment’ could well be permanent. With dramatic landscapes, sun drenched weather, and an abundance of natural building materials, it’s no wonder Latin America is championing architectural design right now. With the Cadaval-Morales team leading these beautiful builds in Mexico, there is little chance you’ll be finding any clumsy architectural attempts south of the border.

Welcome to MA house, a carefully crafted masterpiece

MA House is a concept birthed in the wilds of Mexico. Built with local stone, it blends seamlessly with the landscape. The House makes the most of the sunny climate by having as many open spaces as possible, including a pathway that runs through the home. This ‘crack’ is the heart of the design concept for MA House. Making the concept of ‘living under a rock’ attractive, its exposure to natural light stops the space being overly dark.

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Its sophisticated engineering feigns a simple and seamless flow, structured as a geometric square, the building’s roof connects three pavilions with two covered patios. But the use of stone in the build is versatile in more ways than one, providing a warm and cosy feel in the evenings and colder seasons and cooling its residents in hotter weather. The design is savvy as well as tasteful, where the local stone is useful for its low cost and durability as well as for its utilitarian look.

Gentlemans Journal, Architecture, Design, Bespoke

Inside, the main communal spaces are given something extra through a double height glass frontage with spectacular views of the mountains. The most attractive aspect inside is that it has both open and enclosed living spaces. Whilst offering scope for large scale entertaining, the privacy and cosiness of its smaller enclosed rooms makes MA House both an impressive yet realistic living space. Through its stone based design, MA House also avoids the sanitised look, a trap that many modern bespoke homes fall into, making them look more like an event space rather than a place to live. 

Gentlemans Journal, Bespoke, Architecture, Design

Showcasing both the natural beauty and industrious modernity of present day Mexico, MA House is not only an art form, but a holiday home you want to own. So with its natural beauty, hot weather and great tequila, maybe you should be looking for a Mexican valley in which to build your very own MA House.

For more information on the projects undertaken by Cadaval & Sola-Morales, and if they can design a home for you, visit their website here

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