The Watches in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

The Wolf of Wall Street - TGJ.01

Having watched Martin Scorcese’s recent masterpiece this weekend, we feel it should have it could almost have been called, “The Wolf of Watch Street” Arguably, many other titles could have been fitting for the film, but the innundation of fantastic watches in it made it difficult to follow the plot at some distracting moments!

Yellow Gold Rolex Submariners, Daytona’s and IWC Pilot’s watches all gleamed on the wrists of the cocaine fuelled, white collared criminals that portrayed how life on the not so legal side of the New York stock market was in the early 1990’s. The wrist candy on show pays tribute to director Martin Scorcese’s passion for timepieces. His Rolex Ambassador status and lifetime support of the brand meant that there was no chance the cast were going to be sporting Casios on screen! That is apart from the star of the show; You could be forgiven for thinking DiCaprio is wearing a yellow gold Rolex GMT throughout the film, but in fact it is a Tag Heuer Series 1000, an iconic gold divers sports watch from the mid 1980’s, which was phased out in the early 1992. A real icon of it’s generation, the series 1000 was unusual as not many people found the solid gold watch appropriate for diving. But in our opinion it is perfectly fitting for an outrageously badly behaved stock broker such as Jordan Belfort, to whom symbolising wealth, power and extravagance is a daily routine!

By This point, DiCaprio’s watch collection must be growing to the point that his wrist is probably more sought after by most men than his long line of attractive girlfriends. Recent motion pictures such as ‘Blood Diamond’ have seen DiCaprio sport a Breitling Chrono Avenger as he plays rugged Zimbabwean Danny Archer on the hunt for the biggest Diamond ever seen in Sierra Leone, while his role as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ sees him don a rather smart and classic Jaeger Reverso Grande Taille. We aren’t sure who advises DiCaprio on his film watches, but they have it spot on in our opinion!

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