Watch the trailer for the Netflix Obama biopic, ‘Barry’

A must-see before we all say goodbye to Barack...

Just as Barack Obama’s presidency draws to a close, it seems only fitting that we take a nostalgic look back into the leader’s life – and Netflix’s latest original film, Barry, allows us to do just that.

Charting Obama’s time spent as a student at Columbia University in the 1980s, the teaser trailer shows him struggling with his identity as a young, mixed-race man in the largely white community of Honolulu, and grappling with perspective on what it really means to be “American”.

The release of the biographical film also seems rather timely since the streaming giant has been attracting rave reviews for its biographical TV series The Crown, which portrays the early reign of a ruler on this side of the pond.

Burgeoning Australian actor Devon Terrell has taken on the demanding role of the US commander-in-chief, whilst documentarian Vikram Gandi takes the movie’s helm as director. Set to be an engaging tale of Obama’s journey from the classroom to the oval office, this is a perfect watch before Donald Trump comes crashing in as his replacement.

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