Watch: Obama warn about the state of America’s future in his Farewell Speech

Last night, Obama took to the stage in Chicago to give Americans a couple of bits of final advice...

When Obama became President of America, he gave people hope. As he rose to power, he gave Americans what they wanted: the prospect of boundless optimism and that’s perhaps what he’ll be most missed for. Last night whilst giving his Farewell Speech in the city that kick-started his political career, he resonated with the millions of Americans tuning in by giving them advice about their future for the final time. But what made this speech stand out against the hundreds he’s given during his time as President is that after spending 8 years preaching about change and hope, he choose to speak last night with urgency and warning about the state of American democracy. He named Biden, his wife, his children and everyone who’s every worked for him as inspirations and hope for the next generation of Americans. And what of the President-elect Trump who will be replacing him? When Obama made slight reference to him, the crowd started booing to which Obama simply stated: “No, no, no, no, no. One of the nation’s great strengths, he said, “is the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next.”


Watch the full speech here:

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