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Watch: Breguet’s Classic Tour launches at Mark’s Club

Gentleman’s Journal headed down to the iconic Mayfair club to celebrate living like a gentleman

Mark’s Club is a bastion of British exclusivity. Opened in 1972 by Mark Birley, and now under the watchful eye of Richard Caring, brands such as Belstaff and Vivienne Westwood have celebrated launches within its walls. Gentleman’s Journal even had their luxurious Christmas party at the club last year. So, where better in the world for Breguet to celebrate the launch of their ‘Classic Tour’, an event honouring the art of living like a true gentleman?

Breguet, who have been creating impeccable Swiss watches for almost 250 years, are confident that their exquisitely timeless Classique line faithfully reflects the technical standards, horological art and traditional values that have made their brand so successful. Within the collection are a series of models which serve as a magnificent distillation of the attributes distinguishing the House of Breguet, whose innate refinement has been inspiring gentlemen in search of pure elegance since 1775.

Joining Breguet at Mark’s Club was a selection of such gentlemen. Oliver Cheshire, dancer Eric Underwood, musician Sam Way and model Toby Huntington-Whiteley were amongst a roster that also included Rob Knighton, Sacha M’Baye, Ashlyn Chesney, Sam Webb, Cherie Jones, Miles Bugby, Timothy James and Henri-Nicolas de Preux.

Gin and bourbon cocktails were on offer, whilst other luxury brands also showed up to showcase their own arts. From Huntsman, who decamped on Mark’s to extol the virtues of a well-tailored suit, to George Cleverly, who brought their iconic century-old shoes to the townhouse, these brands were also joined by a barber and a distiller of rare spirits to show that a gentlemanly lifestyle is a team effort – and takes care and time to master.

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