Wardrobe essentials: one piece that’ll never go out of style

The blazer: a piece that originates from the uniforms of sporting gentlemen all around the world and one that remains perhaps the most storied piece of clothing that men’s fashion has ever seen. The term was actually coined in 1825 after the jackets worn by the members of the Lady Margaret Boat Club at St John’s College in Cambridge were made of bright red cloth – hence blazers. One piece of advice for any gentleman thinking about buying himself a half decent blazer? Invest and don’t buy cheap. You need to know that the piece you’re buying is going to last you a decade at least, rather than just season. And if you’re yet to realise the importance of investing in one of the most basic wardrobe essentials a gentleman can buy, here’s proof from the brand that creates potentially the best on the market, dunhill:

“Elegant, timeless and versatile, the navy blazer is one of the core garments a gentleman should own. A jacket style that has served men for over 100 years, the blazer has been approved of and worn by kings, and because of its naval history evokes a feeling of nautical adventure in its presentation. The modern blazer is a hybrid of its heritage – found in single or double-breasted styles, utilising a variety of buttons and patches. Worn by businessmen, sportsmen, and school children alike, it powerfully signifies belonging and placement in society. Always to be matched with odd trousers (not with a fabric too similar) and never a substitute for the suit; rather, the blazer perfectly fills the void between business tailoring and casual dress.”
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