Up your action hero credentials with Indiana Jones’ actual fedora — for £300,000

The star lot of an upcoming movie memorabilia auction, other props under the hammer include Han Solo’s jacket and Marty McFly’s hoverboard

Lights! Camera! Auction! Film fanatics around the world are abuzz with the news of Prop Store’s latest auction taking place, which features costumes and memorabilia from Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Back to the Future, among other blockbusters.

There are up to 600 lots going under the hammer, but our eyes were immediately drawn to a particular battered brown fedora. It’s a hat that has run away from a huge rolling boulder, ridden through a temple in a mine cart and leapt from a ledge en route to the Holy Grail. It’s the fedora Harrison Ford wore as Indiana Jones.

Up your action hero credentials with Indiana Jones’ actual fedora — for £300,000
Indiana Jones' fedora

And, even though tomb-raiding isn’t part of our weekly routine, we’re still after this hat. It’s the kind of costume that will make you feel like an explorer, an adventurer or someone on the hunt for ancient treasure — even if you’re just negotiating the Piccadilly Line on your Tuesday evening commute.

But be sure to hold onto your existing hats, as this particular piece of head gear is expected to fetch around £300,000 when bids begin in September. 

But, even if you miss out on the hat, or if you’re just more into lightsabers than bullwhips — Indy’s bullwhip is also available, if you were wondering — then you won’t be disappointed. Another of Harrison’s Ford’s costumes, the jacket worn in The Empire Strikes Back, is also on the block. But, let’s hope you’ve got deeper pockets than Han Solo, as it’s expected to go for over £1 million.

If that’s breaking the bank, let’s come back down to earth — almost. Another lot that’s caught our eye is Marty McFly’s hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II. It is set to go for somewhere in the range of £50,000 — and it doesn’t even hover for that price…

And that’s not all for fans of director Robert Zemeckis. If Forrest Gump makes it to the list of your favourite films, then why not snap up a Bubba Gump shrimp hat? You’ll only have to shell out £5,000. Or, if you’re feeling a little more fighty, there’s a robe made famous by Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden in the cult classic Fight Club – with bids starting at £10,000.

So snatch up your lightsaber, pull on your fedora and shrug on your robe. Then all’s left is to open the latest Gentleman’s Journal, grab a coffee and relax in stellar cinematic style.

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