This is the type of underwear women find most attractive

Frequently find yourself fretting in the underwear aisle? Keep your pants on, the results are in...

Underwear is arguably one of the least important parts of a man’s wardrobe. A necessary base layer, pants are likely something you grab in the morning without thinking – even socks have a modicum more thought put into them.

But, despite their simple functionality, there is an awful lot of choice. From trunks and briefs to boxers and boxer-briefs, there are really more cuts and designs of underwear on offer than we really need. So, if you frequently find yourself getting your knickers in a twist in the underwear aisle, you’ll be happy to know that women have officially spoken – and revealed the fanciest pants.

According to a new survey of 200 women, found on, boxer-briefs are the outright winners, with 64.5% of all respondents voting for these medium length pants. With the fabric of briefs but the cut of boxers, men like them because they offer support and women allegedly prefer them because they’re more flattering than baggy boxer shorts or skimpier briefs.

Boxers themselves came in second, with 19% of the vote, trunks – essentially boxer briefs with shorter legs – were third, with 11.5%, and briefs came in a mournful fourth, scooping up just 5% of the vote.

In praise of winners boxer-briefs, women offered opinions that included: “They’s sexier than boxers and accentuate thighs”, “They usually fit a guy better”, and “They fit well under clothes. Man-ty lines are no bueno”.

On the flip side, briefs were ridiculed as being ‘dad’ underwear, culturally-stigmatised ‘tighty-whiteys’ or resemblant of a women’s bikini bottoms.

So, if you’re looking to impress a woman when your trousers come off, steer clear of the briefs gents, and go for boxer-briefs.

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