The Turf Games — London’s fittest compete to be crowned the top athletes in the capital

Flip tyres, lift heavy, and push it hard at this endurance event that promises to find the elite athlete within

Held over one gruelling day, with five workout arenas, the Turf Games is making a bid to be the Capital’s toughest (and most fun) endurance event.

The brainchild of Andrew Manteit, co-founder of the Active Man sports apparel company, the event brings together some of the biggest names in fitness in the South East, including Gym Box, Third Space, KXU, Core Collective and Farm Fitness.

The premise is simple: a functional fitness and team-based competition, where guys and girls can lift, run, flip, press and jump to try and outdo each other.

The ability to lift very heavy stuff with your shirt off helps, but so does strategy, teamwork, and camaraderie, with competitors representing their gym of choice or “home turf”, hence the name.

What to expect

With exercises including deadlifts, box jumps, burpees, tire flips and farmer’s walks, the Turf Games organisers guarantee “it will be the most fun you have while sweating.” Now there’s a claim.

Any exercises involving weights have been scaled so, in theory, anyone can do them; it’s all about how many reps you can manage and how fast you can do them.

Plus, to take your mind off the burn, there’s a carnival atmosphere with a “healthy” BBQ, DJ throughout the day, and, for those who survive, a well-earned after party.

Go hard or go home

There were 360 athletes competing at the last Turf Games in the summer which, over 63 minutes of heats, a hardcore six minute semifinal, and – let’s face it – brutal 10 minute final, is whittled down to one champion.

The games are open to all, irrespective of ability, but be prepared – most of those competing are elite athletes from the London fitness community. Think personal trainers, ex-marines and, two-times Firefighter Games World Champion, Lee Phillips.

Instagram ops

You’ll want to be sure your comrades have a steady hand and a good eye as there are plenty of spots to get a great shot for Instagram. Our recommendation would be a beefy tire flip or, better still, when you lift the trophy and taste sweet victory.

The nitty gritty

The next Turf Games will be at the Winter Festival 2019, taking place February 9th 2019.  That event has sold out but there are other competitions taking place, across the country, from November onwards. The standard cost is £250 per team to enter, plus some serious muscle burn the day after.

Do say

The slogan of the Turf Games is “Test yourself against your peers and channel the athlete within.”

Don’t say

“You want ME to lift THAT!?”

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