From trunks to tailored, these are the 5 styles of shorts to wear this summer

Amsterdam-based brand Mr Marvis has created the ultimate collection of summer shorts. Here, we round up the top styles to invest in…

Here comes the sun — and with it, a wardrobe brimming with stylish possibilities. From statement sunglasses to signature shirts, the warm weather gives us a chance to push boundaries, break moulds and experiment with our own pioneering personal looks.

But, while you’ve likely got rack upon rail of light jackets and more summery shoes than you can shake a flip-flop at, we’d wager that you come up short in the shorts department. And that’s a crying shame, because there are plenty of styles, fabrics and patterns to pull on — should you know where to look.

And you should be looking in the direction of Mr Marvis. Over the years, the Amsterdam-based brand has developed and designed a handsome collection of shorts — from swim trunks to seersucker designs. This year, with the launch of linen shorts and a whole host of new prints and patterns, Mr Marvis’ shorts selection is the best it’s ever been.

It’s also hugely sustainable. Despite being designed in Amsterdam, Mr Marvis stitches its products to life in the suitably sun-soaked Portugal — where artisanal, family-owned workshops craft the pieces to high ethical and eco-friendly standards. Below, we’ve taken a short whirl through the latest styles from the brand and rounded up the five styles of shorts you should be wearing this summer…

The ‘Originals’ are your elegant essentials

First up; a practical pair of ever-dependable, ever-reliable shorts. The ‘Originals’ were the first design dreamt up by Mr Marvis when the brand started-up in 2015 — and they remain as elegant and essential today as they were when we first pulled them on.

With an elasticated waistband, regular rise and mid-length, these are your everyday shorts for summer. They stand astride dress codes, are cut from a high-quality, Oeko-Tex-certified cotton twill and benefit from a dash of elastane to increase both versatility and range of movement.

And, this year, there are even more colours and patterns to invest in. Among the new offerings are the mid-blue ‘Astons‘ and the dark burgundy ‘Reserves‘; as well as two limited edition prints. Whether the bold florals of the ‘Botanists’ or the playful pattern of the ‘Goodalls’, these should be your core summer shorts — authentic, attested, original.

The ‘Linens’ are your warm weather option

Next up, the newest short design on the Mr Marvis block. This latest launch is cut from light and airy linen to ensure an ultra breathable summer short — and is the perfect option for any far-flung, hot and humid getaways you jet off on this summer.

They’re crafted from an innovative cotton, linen and elastane blend — used to combat wrinkles and ensure you’re still presentable even after a long haul flight. The subtle colours, such as pastel blues and pinks, also add versatility to the style. There’s a hidden zippered pocket on the right-hand side, a single welt back pocket with velcro closure and a natty drawstring to secure your shorts at the waist.

They’ve even been given a garment-dyed effect, which is designed to slightly fade over time and give your shorts added character. This, coupled with the inspired inclusion of a zippered fly — a rarity on casual-leaning linen shorts — creates a deceptively smart, heat-beating pair to pack this summer.

The ‘Swims’ are your deep-diving dependables

For your next pair, dive into the wet, wicking world of swim shorts. These are trunks like no others — whipped into seafaring shape with high-quality, quick-drying fabric. Partly elasticated and finished with a shapely waistband for comfort (and a secure, swan-dive-proof fit), they’re perfect for their purpose — but also smartly tailored enough to be worn off the beach.

The block colour options — including the new dark green ‘Estates’ shade — are cut from polyamide twill with a soft feel. Or, for something that’ll rock the boat a little more, the patterned ‘Swims’ are printed on polyester — and this season sees three new designs, handpicked from the archives of Liberty Arts Fabrics.

These are the ‘Mustiques’, the ‘Cousteaus’ and the ‘Coves’; all bold and bright enough to stand up to the sunniest summer days. And, thanks to a hidden zippered pocket, velcro back pocket and smart leg width, these seafaring, surf-catching shorts will walk you out of the waves and back into your day without missing a beat.

The ‘Short Easies' are your casual choice

Summer should be an easy-going, breezy-living season. And, whilst all shorts are reasonably relaxed, there’s no pair more cosy than the ‘Short Easies’ from Mr Marvis. Made from a soft, stretchy knitted fabric, they’re the pinnacle of clothing comfort — and are cut with a regular rise for the most leisurely fit possible.

They’ve got the same washed effect as the ‘Linens’ above, and feature a similar zippered, welt-pocketed and velcro secured construction to many of Mr Marvis’ existing, enduring designs. There’s even GOTS-certified organic cotton in that innovative knit to ensure the eco-credentials are in check.

This summer, like many of Mr Marvis’ shorts, the ‘Short Easies’ will welcome new shades onto their shorts. There’s the light yellow ‘Limoncellos’, the blue ‘Mavericks’ and the mid-grey ‘Newmans’ stepping up; a trio of carefree colours delivering lashings of laid-back style.

The ‘Piqués’ are your versatile, flexible faithfuls

And, for a final trimly-tailored interest-piquer, these 100% organic cotton shorts are the most versatile shorts of the flexible bunch. And that’s due, in part, to the high-quality airy woven fabric — finished with a textured waffle look to afford these shorts an airy air of subtle sophistication.

We’d pair these ‘Piqués’ with pretty much anything else in our summer wardrobes. Whether that be a light linen shirt, a crewneck T-shirt or even just a pair of sand-going sandals, these shorts will serve as an anchor of sorts; a firm foundation to any warm weather outfit you throw together.

And that means picking the right colour. With almost 20 options available, we’d opt for a muted pastel — such as the new additions to the range, the mid-blue ‘Astons’ and soft lavender ‘Rivieras’. But, whichever shade you choose — or whichever of these styles — you won’t go wrong. Because, if there’s one thing you can guarantee, it’s that Mr Marvis will never fall short.

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