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True Travel's bespoke 'Art of the Wild' collection offers travellers the chance to discover the majestic beauty of the natural world, for a journey unlike any other

Social media is awash with inspiration, advice and itineraries for your next trip. Ostensibly, it’s a boon, but in actual fact it’s all too easy to fall victim to the algorithm, lured by the shrill enthusiasm of the quasi-travel influencer who shares their ‘must-visits’, having barely scratched the surface of the destination themself. The result? The same holiday as everybody else.

That’s where True Travel comes in. Since its inception in 2013, the luxury tour operator has been committed to reviving the dying art of creating genuinely bespoke journeys, away from the selfie stick-carrying hordes. Each of its six distinct ‘Art of Travel’ collections are curated by a team of designers and local experts to house tailored adventures for the discerning traveller. Forget clichés and checklists: True Travel takes its clients off-piste, all the while attending to their every need – from the sights they hope to see to the way they prefer their evening martini.

With the ‘Art of the Wild’, True Travel brings its clients to places rarely seen, where they can come nose to nose with some of the world’s most fascinating species – from Bengal tigers to humpback whales. This collection aims to break down the walls of a confined world and reconnect travellers with nature, an approach that’s all the more welcome in today’s increasingly tech-reliant society.

In Tanzania, experience the jaw-dropping spectacle of the annual wildebeest migration. From the comfort of a luxury lodge, watch as thousands of the magnificent creatures gallop across the Serengeti and through the Mara River, accompanied by a flourishing range of wildlife, including zebras, gazelle, eland and impala.

An experience in India entails tracking the majestic tiger on a Jeep safari through the forest, lakes and ravines of the stunning Ranthambore National Park, while on the other side of the world in an Amazonian eco-lodge, discover the Jungle Book brought to life: The Cristalino Jungle Lodge in Brazil makes for an ideal base from which to watch wildlife, whether you’re canoeing through rivers or spotting macaws and toucans from an observation tower.

Finally, journey to Costa Rica for an epic whale watching excursion. Migrating to warmer waters to give birth and nurse their young, the enormous humpback whale roams the Costa Rican waters for eight months of the year, making the Golfo Dulce their nursery in October. You can also catch sight of other whale species, such as killer whales, pilot whales and sperm whales. It’s a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With the options practically endless, example itineraries are provided for inspiration and perhaps the highlight of True Travel’s Art of the Wild collection is its Odyssey billed as ‘The Best of Africa’s Primates’, which combines chimpanzee, golden monkey and gorilla trekking through Uganda and Rwanda.

The journey begins in the foothills of the Virunga Mountains of Uganda, overlooking the ancient tree canopies of the primaeval Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. From the footpath on your doorstep, embark on a gorilla trek that takes you as close as 10 metres to one of the world’s most fascinating (and evasive) species. With only eight visitors being allowed per gorilla group each day, this activity is not only deeply exclusive, but also wholly considerate of the animals and their home.

Next, journey to Rwanda, where you will stay at the luxurious eight-suite Kwitonda Lodge, which sits at the edge of Volcanoes National Park. With the Sabyinyo, Gahinga and Muhabura volcanoes on the horizon, trek through the forest on the lookout for golden monkeys. This is the only part of the world where this endangered species resides, lending the experience a whole new dimension, and a reminder of the fragility of nature.

The final stop of this uniquely tailored Odyssey sees a trek through the far reaches of eastern Africa to spot chimpanzees swinging from trees right above your head. And what better way to conclude the journey than with a private dining experience among the lush and vibrant Gisakura Tea Estate? It’s the perfect end to an adventure like no other.

So, be curious and open to the natural world. Venture where few have ventured before and return with a newfound sense of appreciation for the incredible species we share this planet with. No matter what your True Travel journey looks like, it’s guaranteed to stay with you.

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