This New York five-star hotel has its own sailboat

Offering only the best experiences to their guests, The Mark Hotel has now taken their luxury to the open waves

Everybody in New York is looking for the last word in luxury. From Downtown to the Upper East Side it’s a game of one-upmanship, with everybody looking to win. Check into The Mark Hotel, and you might just come out on top.

For, not only is it the fabled home of the Met Gala, and a bastion of all things fine and decadent since 1927, it has also recently launched the ultimate toy for its guests: A sailboat. But more on that later.

2009 saw a renovation for the establishment, where cobwebs were blown away and new life breathed in throughout thanks to incredible work from the renowned French designer Jacques Grange. Yes, the very same Grange who leant his styling talents to the likes of Yves St. Laurent and Caroline, Princess of Monaco.

This New York five-star hotel has its own sailboat

But back to that extra layer of luxury. If The Mark was a lesson in hedonism before they offered guests access to The Mark Sailboat, they’re now a masterclass.

The 70-foot Nathanael Greene Herresmhoff-designed vessel can be chartered by any guest staying at the hotel, whether you are staying in one of the 100 rooms or the 10,000 square feet Penthouse suite.

This New York five-star hotel has its own sailboat

Taken from Tribeca’s North Cove Marina on a three-hour journey down the Hudson River and through the New York Harbour, the experience offers the perfect day trip that can be heightened still further by food carefully curated by the hotel’s resident chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten. It’s a menu that contains delicacies such as lobster daikon rolls, tuna tartare crostini and watermelon and goats cheese skewers — and is to die for.

You can share the sailboat with just one other person, or a group of 25 of you. Just be sure to book the boat out in plenty of time as it needs to be booked with at least 48 hours before you set sail.

This New York five-star hotel has its own sailboat

The Sailboat experience sits alongside a long line of curated experiences that The Mark Hotel has to offer its guests. Some hotels offer a shoe shine and an in-house restaurant, but The Mark goes one step further by bringing some big talents to do the most everyday jobs.

From having a shoe shine by John Lobb to getting a new haircut by the world famous Frédéric Fekkai — not to mention the aforementioned edible offerings from Jean-Georges and sweet treats by Ladurée, there is much on offer.

So get set to unfurl the mainsail and cruise off into the sunset aboard The Mark Sailboat, because what better way is there to spend summer?

This New York five-star hotel has its own sailboat

The Mark Hotel

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