These solar-powered gadgets will eco-charge your life

Whether it’s a keyboard, a wristwatch or a smart doorbell, these upgrades have gone green and harnessed the light, bright capacity of the sun’s renewable rays…

Let there be light! Solar power is currently the third biggest natural energy source in the world — with world powers from Germany to Japan all going green and harnessing the light, bright capacity of the sun’s renewable rays. But are you making the most of this blazing, clean-energy technology? 

With renewable research and development divisions churning out more and more sustainably-powered products, we’ve started swapping out some of our everyday gadgets with solar-powered alternatives. Whether that’s a new keyboard for our computer, an updated smartwatch for our wrist or even a clean-energy upgrade for our smart doorbell, here are the best solar-powered gadgets to help you eco-charge your life…

For your home office, Logitech ‘K750’ Wireless Solar Keyboard

Warm up your fingers and shine some light on Logitech’s latest. This ultra-thin, full-sized keyboard is powered by the sun’s rays and features a numpad for ease of use. Add to that low-profile keys, 10 metres of wireless freedom and up to three months of charge — even in total darkness — and you’ve got a top-notch addition to your desktop set-up.

Logitech ‘K750’ Wireless Solar Keyboard


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For your wrist, Garmin ‘Quatix 6X’ Solar Watch

Rendered in slick, swish titanium, this multi-sport GPS smartwatch from Garmin is not only loaded with coastal charts and inland maps — but solar charging also lets you store up to 24 days of battery life inside its handsome case. Handy if you’re on an adventure; handy if you’re at home. Buckle up.

Garmin ‘Quatix 6X’ Solar Watch


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For your safety, 'Blink by Amazon' Smart Security Camera

Did you know that Amazon had its own smart security camera company? ‘Blink’ is a brand created to increase your home security with wireless set-up, two-way audio and infrared night vision. But the best feature of this motion-detecting gizmo? The no-drill installation solar panel mount — to ensure 24/7, clean-powered protection. 

Blink by Amazon Smart Security Camera


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For your travels, Sease ‘Mission’ Waterproof Backpack

Curated into the most recent Matches Fashion collection, this innovative backpack has introduced Gentleman’s Journal to Sease, the new brand from the Loro Piana family. Crafted from waterproof wool and technical bio-based nylon, it’s a leading piece of eco-luggage; expertly finished with solar panels and fitted a USB charging port inside. 

Sease ‘Mission’ Waterproof Backpack


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For your home, Sunne Solar Powered Lamp

A modern, chicly-designed solar-powered lamp, ‘Sunne’ is the brainchild of Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel. You hang it in your window during the day, where it harvests energy from the sun. And, as the sun begins to set, the long aluminium lamp begins to glow — in one of three colours; yellow, orange or purple. 

Sunne Solar Powered Lamp

From €750

For your door, Ring Solar Charger

Like Amazon’s ‘Blink’ camera above, start-up success story Ring has also launched an eco-option to power its signature gadget. Harnessing the sun’s energy for your ‘Ring Video Doorbell’, this solar charging mount is weather resistant, easy-to-install and requires only a couple of hours of sunlight every day to power up. 

Ring Solar Charger


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For your parties, ABFOCE Solar Bluetooth Speaker

What do you want from your wireless speaker? Thumping bass? Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof credentials? This silicon-swathed option from ABFOCE has all of the above — and can charge to half-hour power after just ten minutes in the sun. The best part? A built-in USB means you can also use it to charge your phone or GoPro.

ABFOCE Solar Bluetooth Speaker


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For your other gadgets, PowerTraveller ‘Tactical Extreme’ Solar Kit

Of course, if you drain your speaker’s battery on tunes alone, you’ll need another power bank for back-up. Thankfully, from PowerTraveller, this tactical grade bit of fast-charging kit is the perfect option. With a  massive 12,000mAh capacity Lithium Polymer battery, it’s rugged, clam-shell design is finished in the military-minded ‘coyote brown’.

PowerTraveller ‘Tactical Extreme’ Solar Kit


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