These rosé wines will see you through a self-isolated summer

From a delicate wine perfect for food pairing, to a flavourful pink offering ideal for toasting, these are the best rosés money can buy

It’s time to batten down the barbecue, gents — because summer’s been put on hold. The gazebo can stay in the garage, the suitcases can stay in the attic and your dreams of a big, balmy summer evening party can stay in your head. It’s necessary, we know — but it’s a crying shame nonetheless.

Although a self-isolated summer’s not all bad. You’ll finally get the chance to catch a tan with no back-garden interruptions. You can save money for a huge 2021 getaway. And you can start sampling the best in summertime food and drink. So put away your bulk-bought Pimm’s and listen up. Because you can do better.

We’ve found a trio of charming rosé wines to take the bad taste of lockdown out of your mouth. They’re fruity, they’re fresh and, best of all, they’re available through Gentleman’s Journal Wine; our innovative new service that allows you to mix and match your perfect six-bottle case. So have a look and stock up — because everything’s coming up rosé.

M de Minuty Rosé is the ideal outdoor wine

Château Minuty has created a new hue in rosé. This palest of pink wines is startlingly soft on the palate, incredibly pleasantly designed and unswervingly traditional. In fact, the winemaker is one of the last in Provence to pick its grapes by hand. And that quality, that attention to detail, shows in the final product. That’s why there are so many M de Minuty imitators on the global wine market — but none compare to the original.

A wine with notes of: Rounded stone fruits, sharp citrus and fruity, honeyed melon.
Delicate or full-bodied: A little in the middle, with the light colour belying deep, delicious flavours.
Perfect to pop open when: You’ve fired up the barbecue, and seafood is sizzling away.

Whispering Angel is your new celebratory rosé

Whispering Angel. You can almost taste it just by rolling the name around your mouth, can’t you? It sounds delicate, it sounds fruity and it sounds mightily refreshing. And it is. From celebrated winemaker Sacha Lichine, this Provence rosé is elegance in a curvy bottle. It’s sold in more than 100 countries worldwide — and there’s a reason for that. Don’t miss out.

A wine with notes of: Soft peach, rosewater and summer berries — with a zippy citrus finish.
Delicate or full-bodied: Definitely delicate.
Perfect to pop open when: You’re celebrating this summer. It’s a pink wine with a sense of occasion.

Aix is a full-hearted, full-bodied bottle

From Aix-en-Provence itself, this blushing bottling is one of the best rosés in France. Fragrant, fruity and fresh, it is a wine with aromas to match even the most flowery summer garden — and a classic blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault give this wine a real depth. If you’re looking to pivot from your winter reds to a full, deep seasonal rosé, Aix is the bottle for you.

A wine with notes of: Vibrant red fruits, aromatic white flowers and rich watermelon.
Delicate or full-bodied: As full and flavoursome as a rosé can be.
Perfect to pop open when: You’re spending time with a loved one this summer.

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