These are three of London’s best night spots – and they’re all in the same building

From imaginative takes on Southern European dining to a Victorian drinking hole, The Blue Posts is the city's most varied new spot

London is recognised across the world for its incredibly culinary scene. From high-end cocktail bars, shrouded in mists and soaked in alchemic emulsions, through honest craft beer pubs, to grand and gilded restaurants boasting cuisines from every corner of earth, Britain’s capital is unrivalled in pallet pampering.

But rarely can you find all of the above in just one building.

Enter The Blue Posts, the latest culinary experience from the team behind The Palomar. Located in the heart of Chinatown in Soho, the whole building has been taken over to house a trio of excellent, yet distinct, venues. Whether you’re looking to entice your date with a rarefied dining experience, or for a laid-back pub night with friends, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. 

Downstairs: An intimate, inspired restaurant

Intimacy breeds exclusivity. So, for one of the most refined dining experiences in Central London, why not head to the beer cellar of the Blue Posts. Converted meticulously into a snug and stylish dining spot, Evelyn’s Table has just 11 seats – fewer than the dishes on the menu.

Spread across a single kitchen counter, these inventive dishes in questions are inspired by Southern European cooking, and bolstered by an impressive wine list. World-class chefs have been brought in to prepare the food in front of your eyes, which elevates the exclusivity of the experience even further.

Evelyn's Table

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On the ground floor: A heritage-embracing, good old-fashioned pub

A pub has been located on these premises for the past 275 years, so why would the team behind the new Blue Posts shy away from tradition? After all, if its not broke. This old school boozer may have been revamped, but it hasn’t lost any of that classic London charm.

A fine establishment awaits you on the ground floor, with a brief, unfussy menu of bar snacks – oysters and olives among the offerings – to sate your hunger, and a handsome selection of craft beers to quench your thirst. And that’s not all. The Blue Posts also hosts a jazz night every Sunday, making it the perfect place to end your week with some live music and quality beers.

The Blue Posts

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Upstairs: A sophisticated wine and spirit bar

Up on the first floor, you’ll find a stylish marble and brass bar with a display cabinet filled with elegant bottles. You could gaze at some of the vintages contained therein, and their delectable bottles, for hours. But you’re here to drink, for this is the third in the triumvirate of eateries and drinkeries in The Blue Posts: The Mulwray.

As with the other two venues, The Mulwray is a snug affair, and is the perfect place to relax with a delectable beverage to start — or finish — your night. An extensive wine and spirits list offers something for everyone’s tastes, as well as boasting some eye-catching cocktails. We like the look of the Linda Evangelista 51, a rye whiskey and sherry based drink, but why not head over yourself and find your new signature?

The Mulwray

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