These 4 sets of siblings are at the top of their games

These brothers and sisters are proof that a little bit of sibling rivalry can produce great things

In honour of National Siblings Day, we’ve curated a list of our favourite sets of siblings who are doing great things right now.

Whether they’re accruing accolades for their acting or musical talents, or running award-winning restaurants — these brothers and sisters are amongst the most influential people in their respective industries, proving that a good gene pool really can serve you well.

Ruling the restaurant industry are Chris and Jeff Galvin

These 4 sets of siblings are at the top of their games

You may already be familiar with the Galvin brothers, if you’ve ever frequented one of their four London restaurants or even enjoyed a meal at their eatery in Dubai. But you may not know that these are the only set of siblings in the world who can both lay claim to holding a Michelin star.

Owning one of these prestigious awards places you in an exclusive club, but to have earned two within one family’s generation is remarkable. While each of their establishments has its own unique feel, the theme which pervades them all is that of family. Guests are greeted by front-of-house staff as though they are relatives visiting for the holidays — and the cooking is even better than your own mother’s.

We can only imagine how good Christmas tastes at the Galvin house.

Ever-expanding horizons with the Turner twins

These 4 sets of siblings are at the top of their games

Hugo and Ross might be the most adventurous twins in Britain — perhaps even the world. After Hugo suffered a freak diving accident aged just 17, the two brothers became determined to defy the odds at every opportunity. 

This mentality has led to them becoming World First Adventurers, as they continually seek to attempt challenges that no human has completed before. Alongside their world-first feats, they also take part in scientific research and raise money for charities — in particular those which support people suffering with spinal injuries and paralysis.

These brothers have seen corners of the world that few others have, and it is their familial bond which seems to propel them to travel further than anyone has been before. We can’t wait to see where they set their sights on next.

Striking a pose with the Saxby brothers

These 4 sets of siblings are at the top of their games

Two of the most in-demand models working today, these brothers cleaned up in the genetic lottery. Between them, they’ve done campaigns for some of the most stylish brands in the world, from Canada Goose to Huntsman and Vilebrequin.

The two have also dabbled in acting, working alongside the likes of James Norton and Felicity Jones — proving that they are far more than a pair of pretty faces.

Filling the silver screen with the Fox brothers

These 4 sets of siblings are at the top of their games

Laurence and Jack have acting in their blood, with their father James paving the way with his own successful acting career.

Jack, the younger of the two, has already made regular appearances on both stage and screen, in productions including Fresh Meat and Mr Selfridge. Laurence has also appeared in an impressive list of shows (perhaps most notably as Detective James Hathaway in Lewis).

If you cast your mind back to our Jan/Feb 2018 issue, you’ll remember that we sat down with the Fox brothers and had them interview each other — subscribe to the Gentleman’s Journal to make sure you don’t miss out on features like these!

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