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There’s a gift for the person who has everything at Czech & Speake

Tick off those most troublesome customers with the help of the fine British fragrance brand

We’re now a week into December. Christmas is just 17 days away (yes, you read that correctly). So we’re confident you’ve got all your gifts bought, wrapped and under the tree waiting for the big day. Oh, what’s that? You did some shopping in mid-November and then stopped because you ran out of ideas. And now the only people left on your list are the high-fliers and tastemakers who you never know what to get because they seem to have, well, everything.

Don’t panic. We’ve all been there. Every year, just when you think you’re at the final hurdle, you realise that the final hurdle is, in fact, the one person with such great taste and style that no gift seems quite up to their standards. Well, allow us to introduce you to Czech & Speake.

Founded in Jermyn Street in the 1980s, the British brand has been turning out some of London’s finest fragrances and grooming accessories for the last four decades. Built with as keen an eye to design as to the quality of its ingredients and materials, the brand’s vast range of scents and bathing items are sure to pass muster with even the pickiest of perfectionists. Here are our suggestions for that hard-to-please person in your life.

czech speake

For the jet setter: Air-safe Manicure Set

Truth be told you often don’t get round to buying a gift for this person. They tend to spend the whole holiday season either in Aspen or the Caribbean and, by the time they’ve returned to the city around mid-March, all thoughts of Christmas have long been forgotten. But not this year. This year they’ve been grounded – and they’re not happy about it.

Speaking of far flung adventures to come, while also being useful at home, Czech & Speake’s air-safe manicure set has been thoughtfully designed so as to be allowed in carry-on luggage – and should be just enough to put a smile back on their face. The set includes a Teflon-coated nail file, round headed tweezers, nail scissors and nail clippers all encased in an elegant black and red leather case.

czech speake manicure

Air-safe Manicure Set


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For the homemaker: Frankincense and Myrrh Fragrant Candle

There’s one in every family. The relative who takes the utmost pride in their home and has no qualms about tucking that framed art print/cushion/coffee table book you bought them in a cupboard ‘for safe keeping’ only for it to never be seen again.

Well, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that won’t be the case should you gift them Czech & Speake’s festive Frankincense and Myrrh candle this year. The ultimate expression of Czech & Speake’s twin pillar of fine design and even finer fragrance, its intricate box gives way to an elegantly simple etched glass holder housing a 150g candle that promises to fill any room with the delicate notes of spicy frankincense, earthy myrrh, fresh basil and layers of sandalwood, pimento, orange and lemon for up to 35 hours.

czech speake candle

Frankincense and Myrrh Fragrant Candle


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For the connoisseur: No. 88 Eau de Parfum Spray

Have a friend who will only accept the best of the best – and insists they know exactly what that is when it comes to just about everything? Well next time you visit, take a quick peek inside their bathroom cabinet. If there isn’t a bottle of Czech & Speake’s No. 88 fragrance in there then you know you’re on to a winner this Christmas.

The brand’s first and still best-selling scent, No. 88 has been lightly perfuming the days of the world’s most sophisticated men (and women) since 1989. Combining top notes of bergamot with a heart of geranium, rose otto and frangipani and a dry base of vetiver and sandalwood, it’s a completely classic fragrance they turn to time and time again. Just don’t be surprised if they take the credit for its discovery.

czech speake no 88

No. 88 Eau de Parfum Spray


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