The surprising benefits of sleeping on a ‘vegan bed’

Savoir’s latest bed, the Reformer Nº4v, is both supremely comfortable and entirely vegan. We tested it out and were delighted by what we found…

Whether you’re into quinoa and kale or still enjoy a steak and chips, there’s no denying that the vegan movement is gaining traction and is here to stay. And as quality of sleep is the first thing on everyone’s mind in 2022, we’re faced with the double whammy of how to guarantee a good night’s sleep whilst also being kind to the environment.

There’s no doubt that buying your regular off-the-shelf mattress, trying it and then discarding it if it’s not suitable, is easy to do in our culture of quick gratification and cheap money. But this is neither good for you nor good for nature. The royal family famously had Buckingham Palace rewired in the 1940s, but it was done to such a standard that it hasn’t needed redoing until the present day.

Likewise, when you measure for your morning suit on Savile Row, you expect the outfit to last you for at least the next decade, if not longer; if you pile on the pounds or shed some weight, the tailor will customise accordingly to ensure you look and feel trim at Ascot.

In the same way, your bed should be built to last, and ideally crafted from the finest materials nature has to offer. Enter Savoir, makers of the world’s most luxurious beds, and their latest offering – the Reformer Nº4v. This Vegan Society -certified bed is handmade from sustainable plant fibres that already exist in nature and are free from animal products.

Forget synthetic fibres, latex and memory foams, which can cause overheating and deteriorate over time; The Nº4v is crafted from Tampico, bamboo, organic flax and organic cotton, all of which are much better at regulating body temperature and wicking away moisture.

The global shift towards vegetarianism and veganism has been reflected not only in people’s diets, but in their demand for plant-based products. Inspired by the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Morrisey and Tobey Maguire (all self-proclaiming vegans), the trend towards plant-based lifestyles has skyrocketed over the past few years: a recent survey has shown 14% of the UK now follow a meat free diet, with a further 12% (6.5 million) of the population expected to have become vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian by the end of last year. Couple this with a growing concern for our environment and demand for sustainability, and a handmade vegan bed is just what the doctor ordered.

Savoir’s beds are entirely made to order and handcrafted in London and Wales, so there’s no trips to the landfill required if the bed turns out to be too soft or hard – if you’re not satisfied with the result, Savoir will unstitch the mattress and adjust the spring tension until it’s just right. For Savoir, it’s not about producing the most beds, but about making the best beds. The new vegan bed is the first new design that the company’s released in over ten years, and each bed takes a craftsman in Wales over 40 hours to build. Here we take a closer look at the plant-based materials used to craft the Reformer Nº4v


The bamboo fibre’s microstructure enhances the coolness and breathability of the Nº4v. The fibres can take up to 4 times more moisture than cotton, to help regulate body temperature throughout the night. Bamboo also boasts natural antibacterial elements with the fibres within the bed helping to keep bacteria away.


Flax fibres are amongst the oldest fibre crops in the world. Extracted from the bast or skin of the stem of the flax plant, the soft, lustrous, and flexible fibres are stronger than cotton fibre. Due to the wonderful absorption properties of the flax fibre, it is able to release humidity quickly preventing overheating.


This hard-wearing, fine and smooth natural fibre comes from the Agave plants of northern Mexico. When layered between pocket springs, Tampico fibres offer incredible support to help aid body alignment. The fibres are harvested by hand and dried naturally in the sun before being cut to size and combed by a custom-built machine.

Organic Cotton

Almost pure cellulose, cotton is the world’s most widely used natural fibre, largely because of its softness and breathability. Cotton absorbs moisture readily which makes it ideal for the Nº4v. Like many natural fibres, cotton is soft, breathable, and very comfortable upon skin contact. A fine fibre which is also strong and durable with excellent absorbency characteristics.

So whether you’re actively channelling your inner David Attenborough this year, or just looking for a decent night’s sleep, the Reformer Nº4v is the answer to your needs. It’ll last for years, is totally sustainable and is super comfortable. Not to mention, of course, that it looks great. What more could you ask for?

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