The Sunday Playlist: Eric Underwood shares his top 10 tracks

The model and ballet dancer unwinds to classical and works out to Kanye

Eric Underwood may just have the most diverse music tastes of anyone we’ve ever met. Chatting through his favourite tracks is like taking a whirlwind tour of the great and the good of the music scene for the past 500 years, with his choices flitting from classical masterpieces to R’n’B icons with even a little bit of glam rock thrown in for good measure.

It makes sense though. Much of Underwood’s musical tastes were inherited from his parents, who soundtracked family gatherings with Prince and Cameo, while his work as a former soloist at The Royal Ballet served for a firm foundation in the classical classics. Throw in his roles in musicals, such as Cats, for good measure and you’ve got a man who knows his way around the back catalogue of more genres than you can shake a drum stick at. Here he shares his musical memories and his essential Sunday Playlist

When do you usually listen to music?
I normally listen to music when I’m winding down in the evenings. Listening to beautiful voices really helps me unwind and I love to sing along out loud.

What was the last song you listened to?
Body by Megan Thee Stallion

Spotify or vinyl?

What was the last album you bought?
Prince’s Greatest Hits

What is your favourite workout song?
It’s probably a cliche but Workout Plan by Kanye West

What do you play when you want to relax?
Always classical music – usually Beethoven or Tchaikovsky.

Which instrument do you wish you could play?
The piano – it’s just such a beautiful instrument.

What’s your favourite lyric?
“Keep ya head up” by 2Pac – it feels very relevant for now.

Tell us about the time you had an amazing ‘Ah-ha’ music or sound-related experience that made you ‘Listen and believe’.
I went to see TLC in concert and when they sang Waterfall it was just amazing. This was quite recently and they dedicated the performance to Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes and the whole crowd sang along. It was incredible.

eric underwood
amy winehouse
donny hathaway
anita baker

International Lover by Prince
I heard this on the plane the first time I flew abroad as a child and its stuck with me ever since.

Symphony in C by Bizet
As a ballet dancer, classical music has always really resonated with me and this is one of my favourites.

Moody’s Mood for Love by Amy Winehouse
This is the perfect song for relaxing and listening to around the house.

A Song For You by Donny Hathaway
I used to listen to this as a child, I love it because it reminds me of my father.

Candy by Cameo
This was another one I listened to all the time as child. It would play whenever we had a barbecue.

Piano Concerto Number Two by Mozart
This is another piece I danced to, it’s just really beautiful music.

Rock The Boat by Aaliyah
I watched the video to this all the time as child and it really stuck with me.

Keep Ya Head Up by 2Pac
Again, another song that brings back strong childhood memories.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
This is just great for listening to around the house.

Body and Soul by Anita Baker
She just has the most incredible voice.

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