How The Premium Time Company became the watch world's latest disruptor

Proffering an ever-changing roster of competitions, this venture allows timepiece aficionados the opportunity to cop a premium bit of wrist armour at a snip of its normal price

Founded and operated by a crew of watch enthusiasts, The Premium Time Company is based on the simple notion of making the watch world a more democratic, accessible place in which an ever-rotating roster of competitions allows people within the community to win the timepiece of their dreams.

Rolex GMT-Master 2 watch
Rolex watch with green watch face
Close up of Rolex with green watch face

Those that are within that specific sphere are well-versed in the issues that come with trying to purchase premium watches from official dealers – the waiting lists that stretch for years; the selection process of even getting on the list; the sky-high grey-market price tags that infamously come with Rolex, the house that is known to make approximately one million of its creations per year – and it’s with these problems in mind that The Premium Time Company tries to counter via its online competitions whose main draws are their low-ticket numbers (and thus favourable odds), reasonable entry prices and fun, friendly spirit.

All that participants have to do is choose how many tickets they’d like; undertake a test on their watch knowledge, the point of which is to make sure that only aficionados and fans will be served; and pay a fee to confirm their entry.

Close up of Rolex watch face with glow in the dark elements
Close up of Rolex watch hands
Back of Rolex watch

The competitions change fairly frequently – three to four Rolex competitions are run every month; there’s the occasional special competition for labels such as Patek Philippe, Omega and Tudor; and followers are often given the chance to partake in a free, no-strings attached competition to win an Omega x Swatch Moonswatch – so there are plenty of opportunities to cop a premium bit of wrist armour throughout the year.

For your chance to enter the latest competition, click here.

The Premium Time Company

The Premium Time Company

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