The Pick: Sir Plus Oxford Grandad Shirt

The perfect addition to your warm weather wardrobe, this band-collared shirt from Sir Plus is as informal as it is unusual...

There’s nothing old school about the grandad shirt — as Sir Plus knows all too well. Some may sneer at the style, or prefer a crisp collar, but the virtues of the band-collared shirt are many. They’re less warm, for one. More casual, for another. And still charmingly unusual, for a third.

The Pick: Sir Plus Oxford Grandad Shirt

Inspired by blue collar ingenuity, Sir Plus’ collar-less offerings are the top of the sartorial pile. This pale blue button-down from the brand is our office-bound go-to during summer, and has seen its design refined year-on-year since Sir Plus started offering the staple. Crafted from pale blue Oxford cotton, and cut in a regular fit with a softly curved hem, the latest change sees the introduction of Codelite buttons — a material produced from a protein element naturally occurring in milk.

So, if you’re looking to add a little more casual character to your warm weather wardrobe, why not join us in jumping on the band-collar bandwagon? And trust us when we tell you, there’s no better place to start with the style than with Sir Plus.

The Pick: Sir Plus Oxford Grandad Shirt

Sir Plus Pale Blue Oxford Grandad Shirt


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