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The Pick: Floris’ Leather Oud is an instant winter warmer

Inspired by historic fragrances, and resting on a suitably seasonal base of woody amber, spritz yourself through the cold snap with the British brand's best

Ah, leather. What did we do to deserve you? As everyone’s favourite tanned textile, we lace up, strap on and zip shut leather goods every single day. And, from roughed-up suede to piano-gloss patent, there is no task too big or small for the brushed, burnished material. Wardrobe aside, it can even slip seamlessly and scentedly into your grooming routine…

So, although you may be more accustomed to leather when it comes to wash bags or world timers, Floris has distilled the material’s signature scent into another of its timeless, traditionally made fragrances. The British brand’s Leather Oud Eau De Parfum is opulent, sensual, ideal for the autumn and winter months and — as we’ve come to expect from Floris — it also has an excellent back story.

When the Floris family first opened their Jermyn Street store in 1730, new and exotic oils, ouds and essences would be delivered from all over the world — olfactory glimpses into worlds that customers could only imagine. And, when these vials of balms and botanicals arrived in London, they did so in small, protective leather cases. Ever the innovators, Floris decided to create a fragrance inspired by the leather itself, and today we are proud to stock that fragrance in the Gentleman’s Journal eStore.

Created with Oud oil from a certified sustainable source of agarwood, this is a scent buoyed with top notes of bergamot and the all-important leather. Behind that tanned tang comes subtler aromas; of carnation, geranium and patchouli. Floris has masterfully swirled all of these disparate scents together on a heady, hardy base of amber. It’s a warming, woody scent to get you through winter. And, as you’re already leaning on leather for your jacket, belt and shoes, why not add aftershave to the list?

The Pick: Floris’ Leather Oud is an instant winter warmer

Floris Leather Pud Eau de Parfum


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