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The Pick: Ettinger’s Hunter’s Flask is ideal for shooting season

Hunter by name, hunter by nature; this field-perfect flask from the British brand does exactly what it say on the sterling silver tin

It’s shooting season. You can feel the frosty, burnt orange leaves crunching underfoot. You can hear the harried fluttering of grouse in the bush. You can see the mists rolling across some of Britain’s best fields. And taste? Well, you should be sipping a tipple — preferably something dark of colour and warming of throat — from your trusty hip flask.

And there’s no better flask than this. With 4 sharing cups strapped to its top, Ettinger’s 8oz Hunter’s Flask is the cornerstone of the British brand’s Sterling Collection. Wrapped in bright red calf leather, it is guaranteed to keep you warm on the coldest of autumn days — and will look bloody good doing so.

There’s a stainless steel funnel included to ensure you don’t spill any of your valuable spirit (dare we suggest Irish whiskey?) and those small cups, that each hold up to 30 millilitres of liquid, will see to it that you’re the most popular man on the field in no time.

So, before you step out in your best boots this shooting season — flat cap firmly on head and gun broken rakishly over your arm — remember to decant some decadent liquid comfort into your new finely crafted flask, available on the Gentleman’s Journal eStore.

The Pick: Ettinger’s Hunter’s Flask is ideal for shooting season

Ettinger 8oz Hunter’s Flask in Red


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