The Olive Mill is a wonderful escape in the Mallorcan mountains

Are you an admirer of luxurious, paradisiacal properties? If so, The Olive Mill will be right up your (Mallorcan) street...

How are your shoulders feeling? Burdened, we’d wager. Over the past year or so, we’ve all been carrying extra stresses, anxieties and worries. So, for a little digital escape, why not step inside this beautiful Mallorcan home for a much-needed, well-deserved break?

The Olive Mill is a two storey property, built from locally quarried stone of a soft beige hue. It resides proudly among its UNESCO world heritage surroundings: behind the property, the Serra de Tramuntena mountain inspires awe just from a first glance, covered from head to the proverbial toe in wild olive trees, pines and rosemary blossom. Below the property, the Serra valley — awash with citrus trees and thriving wildlife — unfurls before the eyes, until it plunges into the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea.

The property is full of charm and carries such a strong heritage from its 16th-century origins as an olive mill,” explains Monty Berrow: co-founder of Berrow Projects, who designed The Olive Mill. “You’re surrounded by such diverse natural beauty: including the thousands of olive trees that are owned by the estate, the wild donkeys roaming the land, rosemary blossoms and pines, among so much more. It’s such a privilege to have both mountain and sea views; and when the sun sets perfectly on the horizon, as it does every evening up there, you really feel it’s an unbeatable spot.” We couldn’t agree more.

Picture the scene: it’s a scorching hot day, under the Mallorcan sun. But at The Olive Mill, there’s no need to fear the sun’s rays. The porch is covered by a flower-laden pergola, providing ample shade for anyone who’s used to grey, mizzly England. (That said, we wouldn’t blame you for angling your chair a little towards one of the gaps in the pergola’s luxurious blooms: we could all do with a bit more of a tan this year.)

And then there’s the pool. We feel cooler just looking at those dappled, rippling waters: and with the endless blue of the Mediterranean visible over the pool’s surface, we’d say it wouldn’t take too long for your daily stresses to evaporate into thin air. There are tanning opportunities aplenty, what with the positioning of the deck chairs and the appropriately christened ‘lounge’: just the place for those intimate after-dinner conversations when you’ve had one Sangria too many.

And there’s another pergola, too — pergolas really are the name of the game at The Olive Mill. The graceful folds of overhanging ivy, endless Mediterranean views, rustic stone flooring and adjacent well make us think this particular area could be a creative hub, for any brainstormers and entrepreneurs — how could you fail to be inspired? (Then again, the whole place is pretty inspiring. We’d predict that The Olive Mill will bear witness to the opening pages of many a novel. It’s just that sort of place.)

But time to step indoors. And the interior of the property is no less jaw-dropping than the flower-clad exterior: we’re not sure light and airy could begin to cover it, but that’s a start. For one thing, the sheer amount of space will surely have tongues wagging as soon as any lucky visitors enter the property. Flagged stone floors seem to extend as far as the eye can see; the vaulted ceilings (complete with wooden beams) will have necks perpetually craning: that is, until the owners of the necks in question are distracted by the floor-to-ceiling windows, with — you’ve guessed it — panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

This is a property for entertaining, there’s no doubt about that. The main dining room can seat at least 12; the spacious kitchen has an island with some handy stools, perfect for whiling away an evening with a glass of wine and a lengthy, relaxed meal preparation; and the entrance hall boasts the sort of staircase that will make any fortunate visitors feel like royalty.

The property’s entertainment credentials continue with its eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms. The master suite alone boasts an open fireplace of delightfully minimalist proportions, an ensuite bathroom with a shower so enormous that it could host its own gathering, and a master pavilion garden that will surely see happy master suite residents strolling out into the early morning sunlight, coffee in hand, ready for another day in paradise.

And then there are the amenities. ‘Amenities’ is a word that gets bandied about a good deal, in the property world — but if ever there was a property that could boast astonishing amenities, it’s The Olive Mill. Gym? It’s got it. Tennis court? Of course. Cinema? Tucked away in the basement. Wine cellar? Ditto (and what a wine cellar it is, too).

Amenities are wonderful: but if pushed, we’d have to say our favourite thing about this property is its history. The Olive Mill could tell a story (or five): it’s bursting with Mallorcan heritage, and its historical location is unparalleled — surrounded as it is by olive groves that bear witness to the same techniques that were used in the 16th century, when it comes to extracting the precious olive oil from the trees themselves.

It’s not often that a property can merge exquisite luxury with historical tradition: but The Olive Mill has managed it. It’s an oasis of tranquillity in every possible sense — and it’s just 25 minutes away from the popular, sophisticated town of Deia. Above all else, the property serves as an inspiration to anyone longing to carve out their own portion of paradise — and especially to anyone looking to prioritise style, elegance and sophistication every step of the way.

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