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The new loafer collection from Crockett & Jones has stepped up for summer

From the brightly coloured, tasselled Jersey design to the understated, woven Kensington shoes, these are our picks of the Northampton shoemaker's SS20 loafer range

Look out of the window. Brighter than usual, isn’t it? That’s because winter has thankfully thawed, spring has sprung and, if you look really, really closely, you can almost see summer on the sunny horizon. And you know what that means — it’s time to give your boots the boot for yet another year.

No longer do we need our chunky soles, fuzzy linings or thick waxy leather uppers to keep our feet warm. Instead, we can turn our footwear focus back to fashion — and choose whatever shoes we please. It’s a good thing, then, that Northampton-based bastion of British shoemaking, Crockett & Jones, has just launched its 2020 Loafer Collection.

Dressed up or dressed down, this slip-on style of shoe is one of the most versatile in the modern man’s wardrobe — and they come in so many shapes, sizes and designs that we’re spoilt for choice. So take a look at the new collection below, and you’ll see just how confidently Crockett & Jones has laced up all your loafer needs — or not, as the case may be…

The Richmond range includes a daring hybrid style

The first new shoe to step into Crockett & Jones’ SS20 collection is the Richmond II; a classic penny loafer with raised seem apron. Unlined and effortless, this is the traditional loafer — an old, faithful design ready to slip on for a whole host of occasions. And it comes in a colourful quartet of designs. First, the snuff suede option is delicately casual. Second, the tan wax calf Richmond is a little more conservative, walking on its ‘City’ rubber sole. The third option is cast in navy pebble grain.

But the best Richmond by far is a daring hybrid — a loafer crafted from both burnished calf leather and stone canvas. Set on a flexible leather sole, this two-tone shoe has stepped straight out of a Gatsby garden party, and you can practically hear it yearning for a drinks reception in the sun-soaked depths of summer. Just do your best not to spill any Negroni on the upper…

The Jersey loafers are vibrant, vivid and entirely unexpected

Now what do we have here? From the relatively reserved Richmond II to this? Not only do Crockett & Jones’ new Jersey loafers err on the rakish side with their natty little tassels — but the colour choices are also extremely exciting from such a traditional brand. Consider this proof that such an established shoemaker can still surprise after 140 years, because the Jersey is the radical, vibrant style we’ve been waiting for.

Available in a sage green or a bright blue, the Jersey loafers are crafted from soft nubuck — a top-grain cattle leather that has been sanded and buffed to give it a velvety feel. Contrast stitching keeps the style fresh and the brand’s City sole, produced by The Harborough Rubber Co, will see you through summer in striking, soft-stepping style.

The woven Kensington loafers are a textured treat

We’ve always been fond of an Albert slipper. Named for Queen Victoria’s husband, these versatile velvet slippers were first created with quilted silk linings and leather outsoles. Worn across the land for black tie dinners, they have paired perfectly with cravats and smoking jackets for decades. And now Crockett & Jones has taken the inimitable style and given it a summer spin.

The Kensington collection, three slipper shoes with lashings of summer style, are our picks of this new collection. Just look at that woven tan calf leather, or the clean, uninterrupted lines of the upper’s construction. The black leather option walks the line majestically between everyday and special occasion — and the dark brown suede, although lacking the texture of its brothers, is a clean-cut take on a classic.

The Selby is modern take on a true classic

The butterfly loafer is another of our favourite designs. And Crockett & Jones’ take on the style, the Selby, is as smooth, refined and sophisticated a shoe as you’re ever likely to slip on. These SS20 Selby shoes have seen new life breathed into the brand’s original line of loafers; the first to be offered in their retail collection. Slightly sportier than most, with the brand’s recognisable hand-pulled up apron, they err on the side of formal.

All but the brown suede Selby — our definitive pick of the collection and a textured way to downplay just how sleek and suave these shoes are. Invest in these and you’ll never need another loafer — for they have the refinement of an Albert slipper, the versatility of a penny loafer and the design quirks of a tassel loafer, all rolled into one calf-suede, smart-casual shoe.

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