The new Bennett Winch Cargo range is ready for anything

In uncertain times it pays to be prepared - and with Bennett Winch’s new bags you’ll be just that

If we’ve had any regrets over the past few months, aside from being able to see our families and take summer holidays, of course, it’s that we didn’t pay more attention in Scouts. It sounds strange, we know, but these young adventurers are famously taught to always Be Prepared and we can’t help but think the ability to forage would have been handy when there wasn’t so much as a tin of beans to be found in the supermarket.

So, as we head into Lockdown 2.0, we’re not going to get caught out again. And, while the ability to magic up a fire from nothing but a couple of old twigs (necessary for the chilly winter picnics in our futures) may take a little longer to master, finding a bag that can be relied upon whatever the future holds won’t. Bennett Winch has already created it.

Bennett Winch, we hear you ask. They of the fine leather weekenders and suit carrier holdalls? One and the same. The British luxury brand may not have been your go to for luggage for wet weekends and muddy day trips before but its new Cargo range is about to change all that.

Put to the test by three well-travelled fathers – who know the value of a hard-wearing bag that can store everything from waterproofs to wetsuits and come out the other side unscathed – this set of high-performance waterproof nylon bags is ready for whatever life throws at you. Designed to compliment Bennett Winch’s existing range of meticulously designed luggage, these are bags in which to throw everything plus the kitchen sink – and, with staycation road trips likely to become the new normal, you’re going to need them.

Three sizes are available: large (125 litre) and medium (85 litre) for long stays and cargo-heavy trips and small (50 litre) for adventurous day trips. Each is made from the same durable and lightweight 600 Denier Italian nylon with a host of thoughtful and practical touches, including military-grade cotton webbing handles, removable wet pouches, lockable fastenings, external slip pockets and a waterproof inner lining. Handily, they also feature a clever foldable design that allows them to pack neatly away when you arrive at your destination.

But, of course, these are Bennett Winch bags – and they share the same luxury DNA as the brand’s best sellers. This can be seen in the elegant Tuscan leather trim on every piece in the Cargo range, as well as in their handmade English construction and solid brass hardware. They are both rugged and refined – just like the best of gentlemen.

So be it the Scottish Highlands, Yorkshire moors or the Cotswolds countryside, wherever your next escapade takes you, make sure the Bennett Winch Cargo range goes too.

Bennett Winch Cargo Range

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